Couch to 5K

Week 5 runs 1 & 2 :)

So this week I feel like something has clicked, mentally! Absolutely loved run 1 of this week, had perfect running conditions and legs felt really good and can finally breath properly. Was really excited about doing run 2, and still loved it! Not sure if it's because there are less runs now so it seems easier or whether I'm just turning into a runner... either way loving it so far!

Dreaded run 3 next time though! Lets see if I'm still smiling...

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I think most people are scared of W5R3. Beforehand it seems like such a huge step up, to run for 20 mins without a break. Rather than looking at it in terms of time, think in terms of fitness. Everything from week 1 has been aimed at building your muscular and cardiac fitness. Take it slow and steady, and focus on the tun 5 minutes at a time and you will be fine. And afterwards you will feel fantastic. Good luck

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