Couch to 5K

Week 12 runs 1-2

So hot this week and work/life conspired against me having my longer run at the weekend.

r1 - 30 mins easy pace

r2 - 30 mins intervals

So having decided to focus on eating plans and losing weight have put on 1.5 lbs so how great is that? Will try again this week but definitely losing enthusiasm at the moment. Blame another stressy week at work.

Will try to run tues/thurs/sat/sun to catch up an extra run this week to get back on track. I love the sunshine but its a bit hot for running

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I get really discouraged when the scale doesn't say what I want it to (and believe it should). Gaining 1.5 pounds is not necessarily the setback you might imagine. Some scales are not precise enough and will be off by a pound or two, up one day and down the next. If you were better hydrated, that could cause you to gain weight, as can changing the time of day you weigh, or what you ate that day. Since you have been running 3 months, you already know these things can take time - and you may have already lost some weight in that time. If so, you body could be adjusting. Just keep trying - you can do it.


Screw the weight, measure the inches and other victories like making a choice of a healthy snack over an unhealthy one. Celebrate your non-scale victories (NSVs). Muscle weighs more than fat too. Its denser. Have you got any measurements from before c25k, or pictures, or clothes that used to be too tight? Think of all the motivation you've had to do c25k, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!


Also, forget.about diets - they may help you lose weight in the short term but as soon as you "finish" it'll all come back. Make the choice to change for good, make one change at a time until it becomes easy then make another. Be good 80% of the time.


Don't worry, I am on a pretty hardcore weightloss programme (500-600 cals a day - medically supervised before anyone starts making comments). I usually lose 3-5 lbs a week but its stopped dead in the last few weeks, I think its just my body readjusting to the new levels of activity. Up to week 8 I was burning 250cals per run (I love my garmin) now its 400 cals on a slow 30 minute 4k run which is a big jump. On the other hand my body is more toned and I look slimmer even though no weight has shifted. Losing weight isn't as simple as cals in minus cals burned, I could right for hours about this as I did tons of research before starting my diet (the deg in chemistry from Imperial was a help!). Your body is capable of all kinds of things to stop you losing weight but it does it to preserve its self which is not what we always want in modern society. Oh yes, avoid diet drinks and caffeine but drink tons of water, this will help enormously.


OMG 600 Cal's a day? What???!!! Have you found any amazing resources you can share (also have Bio/chem degree).


Thanks everyone, its good to get encouragement and see that other people are seeing the same apparent lack of progress, as you say its probably adjustment to a heavier exercise program. I am definitely fitter, more toned and a little less broad across the beam so will have to be satisfied with that for the moment, have the greatest respect for you Mirella - that is a hardcore program, best of luck with it.


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