Week 5, run 2

Managed to complete the run tonight, felt really good after. But anxious about the next one though it seems a big jump to run from 8 minutes to 20! Also can't understand why it goes back down again for week 6 but will see how it goes.

One thing I really loved though was that I passed a running group and 4 other joggers and they all smiles at me. Really made me feel like we were in it together.



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14 Replies

  • You're going to be absolutely fine with run 3, everyone worries about this one but somehow it works, you're ready, you can do it and you feel genuinely fantastic afterwards. Promise ;)

    Week 6 is a bit of a trickster, you think going back to intervals will be a piece of cake after the 20 min run and for most, it's just fine, but for a few of us week 6 was a bit of a shocker (me included!) Just take all your runs nice and slow, you'll get there! Good luck.

  • Thanks so much for this. Xx

  • I'm in exactly the same place you are! The dreaded W5R3 will be this Wednesday and yeah, wow, it sounds crazy ambitious! I did a Google search for tips and encouragement and I'm feeling a little better - lots of good tips like take it as sloooow as you want, get your playlist ready with your most inspiring songs around 10-15 mins to keep you pumped when you most need it, and best of all, I learned that though it scared a lot of people, they all seem to have survived and mostly unscathed! Lots of people said that this was the run that really began their feeling of becoming a real runner, kind of broke the back of the program - get through this hurdle, you'll make it all the way. So let's do it, we're ready!!

  • Sounds good to me! X

  • You're going to be fine. I've just completed it, took everyone's advice and went slowly. It's a great feeling when you have finished😄

  • Do you ever worry you're going too slow? I see people running past me and I think "God I'm hardly moving!" X

  • All the time! I'm a snail, but nobody cares! There's lots of time to build our speed after graduation I reckon. Go super slow and you'll make the time... And feel great after :)

  • Yes!!!! I took my 16 yr old son with me. He's 6'6 & could walk next to me running. That felt a tad embarrassing

  • I'm only 4ft 11 so can imagine what that would be like! X

  • I'm in the same place too .. W5 R3 is scheduled for this afternoon. I can't decide whether I'm terrified or relieved ... like the feeling you get on the morning of an exam, where you think you just can't revise any more. Now all I've got to do is turn over the paper.

  • I like that analogy! It just seems like such a jump up! I have to admit though part of me thinks I'm ready as when I was running last night it was hard but not too tough. When she said the first 8 min run was done I was quite surprised and didn't feel like I needed the whole 5 minute recovery walk. The final 8 minute run was hard but again im sure i struggled more on week 2! X

  • It's so easy to forget just how much I did struggle on week two, or even on week one to tell the truth. I'm standing outside the exam room door with my crib sheet ... anyone got a spare biro?!

  • You did do 2*8mins so 16 mins - so not such a leap to 20 - tho I know it really feels like it. You can do it tho - and then you'll feel EPIC :)

  • Well done, so far!

    Don't worry, we all went through this doubt... you will be fine. :)

    Follow Laura.. slow and steady and it all falls,(not literally) into place.

    You're not too far from me, so if you see a small Grey snail puffing along..it's me!!!!!

    Onwards and Upwards...keep posting!

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