Week 5 Run 1

Loved reading all the replies to my post last week. Thank you I learnt a lot.

So today was week 5 run 1 - when I looked at week 5 4 weeks ago I thought I’d never be able to run 5 minutes non stop never mind 3 lots of 5 minutes but despite having a cold and feeling a bit jaded after a busy week at work I did it. 3 different runs this week and still seems a daunting task to run for 20 minutes in 2 runs time.

Having said that not as daunting as the 26 mile run I will do in April 😂😂😂😂 .

Apart from the first couple of weeks I’m doing my runs on the treadmill as I’m just trying to build my stamina up until Jan when my marathon training starts.

Am I okay doing this ?


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9 Replies

  • Wow that’s some target! Sorry I can’t give you any more useful advice but just wanted to say well done and wow 😮!

  • Thank u for taking the time to respond. I find great motivation from peoples lovely comments . It’s a huge challenge but I don’t care what time I do it in as long as I finish

    I still say wow to myself too 😂😂😂

  • I’ll be sure to follow your progress! Good luck 👍

  • my understanding is that running outdoors is a little more taxing than the running machine, many have commented how they have felt the difference when they've done their 1st outdoor run

  • Thank you - as long as I know this I can prepare myself. At least I can be consistent with the gym until my stamina improves lol

  • Well done you.. make sure your exercise on rest days is useful too.. Non impact of course.. walking, strength and stamina etc.. swimmer, cycling , yoga etc:)

    If you can get outside... it is quite different and might be more beneficial ? Use your treadmill for cross training?

  • Well done you!! 😊

  • I love running outside. Perhaps the occasional run outside, on a nice day? just to vary things a bit 😊

  • Thanks - I prefer outdoors too but I’ve found doing the runs on a morning suits be better and as I work full time it’s logistics that in order to be able to get the 3 runs in a week I have to use the gym until we get lighter mornings

    I will where I can do outdoors though

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