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Women interupted

Hi there, I am new to this forum and have been reading, enjoying and being inspired and motivated by you all.

I have just completed W8R1 with my daughter yesterday. However, whilst running my daughter got a stitch and we had to abort the run 10 mins in. I felt the need to go back and try again. However, 17 mins into that run the my sons school rung and therefore again the run was aborted. Finally after work last night I got dressed and decided this is not getting the better of me and at 8.45 pm I finally completed the full 28 mins hooray.

Today though I am feeling like I have run a half marathon. My legs feel like lead and I have what feels like the beginning of shin splints.

In hindsight maybe I should have added what had been completed and only done what was left or just left it and done it another day but that would have been far too easy.

In eight weeks I have gone from really struggling to even leave the house to run to not wanting to leave a run undone. I love the feeling you get when you complete the run.

Today I intend to rest with my dog and be ready for tomorrows run.

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Good luck for tomorrow MLE! :-)


Thank you. Hopefully I wont need it.


Grrrr at those interrupting you! So annoying!

If your daughter gets stitch there's no need to abort the run. You can do some cunning stretches to get you back on the road again.

Keep up the good work! Have fun x


I should have thought of that. We did try the breathing technique that Laura talks about but it just continued. I will look into that for the next time. Just in case. Thank you Misswobble.


I get quite a lot of calls from school about one of my offspring... I just don't tell them I'm running.... although reception can be a bit of a headache out on the trails. Once I'm out there, I'm out there... but can very much relate to interruptions which stop me getting there in the first place.

Hope you have a nice relaxing uninterrupted run next time


Thank you. googleme. I think they know I'm out running so call. Next time I wont mention the run until afterwards.


Sounds like a good plan, it's great the transformation from pushing yourself out the front door to keeping you from running. Don't forget you can give yourself two days to recover if you need it.


It sounds funny to think of me as someone that walks everywhere and runs every other day. I have entered a 10K run in July so need to build it up.

Going back 8 weeks ago I would take the car to the end of the road, on the school run and going to work. I now only use the car if I take my elderly mum out.

I thought big women would struggle running and runners are always trim.

I have really surprised myself. It helps your mind and body and I cannot get enough.

Whoever thought of C25K needs an award.

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I simply don't answer my phone when I'm running - it's in my belt, which makes trying to see who's call I'm ignoring quite tricky, so I ignore everyone equally! ;)

Definitely take it a bit easy on your next run - you've pushed yourself quite hard on this last one, so be forgiving!

And YAY for the lifestyle change :D


Well done for completing despite the interruptions - you ran a lot of minutes in one day so definitely deserve a rest day or two!


That's nearly an hour of running, no wonder you are feeling it now. Try taking an extra rest day to recover. I there really anything so important that it can't wait to the end of your half hour run ? Whatever did we do before mobile phones ? I'm really glad you are enjoying the running so much but take care....


Thank you all and sorry for the delay in replying. I did indeed leave an extra day as my legs where feeling strange and this time I manage to complete my first park run (walk and run). I was going to (tryish) keep up with the others but one of the volunteers said to run my own run and take it easy. It was still hard but thoroughly enjoyable. The beautiful countryside tucked away in busy London.

I love the feeling you get when you finish running, nothing like it.


Plenty of stretching before and after runs too xx well done you 😆


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