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My week 4 blog - r1 and I missed the last minute

Well after much deliberating in bed about it - I finally got off my arse and did wk4r1.

I just felt so daunted by the idea of running for 5 minutes that it really put a stop in my tracks. I guess if week4 was run for 4 mins I probably wouldnt have felt so bad about going.

Then I had an image that I use to how I aspire my body to be - and figured I aint going to look like that whilst lying in bed so out I went with Laura for week4.

However, I managed *nearly* all of it. Got the first 3 mins done, was feeling ok, got into the first 5 mins and I really had to keep pushing myself to keep running and I did it! I felt like punching the air! Woop woop! Never thought in a million years I'd have managed that.

I even did ok with the 3 mins run after that. Feeling pretty good in my stride, course I can run 3 mins now I've proved I can run up to 5 mins!

And then the last 5 mins - I was really really struggling to keep going, I kept talking to myself how its only a few more mins to go etc, nearly there etc. Then when Laura said I had done 4 mins, I had to cross the road and I just couldnt get my legs running again. I physically couldnt run for another minute even if you paid me! My total route this time was 3.8K - got a while to go for the 5k!

I do feel really proud of myself for pushing hard, really hard and getting 15 mins of running done, but I do feel disappointed I just couldnt last that extra minute - how daft is that to just miss out on the last minute?! Oh well, I'll have more stamina to make it next time for definite.

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Hey, don't beat yourself up, you can only do what your body lets you, so well done!x


Just finished week 4...it was tough so well done for doing as much as you did. Just repear the run. I'm dreading next week! Good luck with the other runs


well its run2 tomorrow, Got a great aim now to make it till that last minute :D

Looking forward to it and hopefully might be 'slightly' easier second time round :P

Thank you for your support PatButcher and AliB1


Yes - I agree. Don't beat yourself up - the last thing you want to do is put yourself off. However - I do think that mentally, it's better to slow right down rather than to stop. If you give yourself permission to stop running - it's a hard habit to break.


Hi Miranda,

I did w4r1 yesterday too and omg it was hard! Massive step up from the last one. Missing one minite isn't a problem - it'll just make you feel better when you complete it tomorrow!



hi everyone!

Well redid wk4r1 and did it!! Felt so much easier to make it through to that last minute this week. I think because it is such a step up form week3 to 4 that I shouldnt feel too bad about my missing minute.

And today I feel like I can conquer the world. Brilliant run! The 3 mins felt so much easier - I only just got out of breath with them, and the only issue was the last 2.5mins of the last run. Found that by reciting a old poem I know helped me to focus on something different other than 'how much damn further!' lol.

Roll on wednesday for next run :D


HIya folks

Woke up this morning full of energy, so decided to go out for another week4 run. This is the first time I've ran on two consecutive days and wow my legs feel it now. My calves were feeling tight at about half way but ok. The last 5 mins was hard though as my legs were recovering from yesterday and tired BUT I did it! The full run from start to finish :D

Tomorrow is most definitely a rest day! Although I've now run it 3 times, I don't feel confident in it (although I can do it as I've proved WOOP!) so will do it for the 4th time so I've had 3 full completed runs. Not even going to look at week5 yet as that gets intense!

Now for some brunch :D


Well done!! It does feel good when you achieve it doesn't it! I've just done w5r1 early this morning (my fave time for running)...looking forward to r2!

Keep up the good work


Well done! It shows that you're enjoying it if you go out on 2 consecutive days! Love having a nice breakfast after a run...good luck with run 4!


Phew just finished wk4 d1 found it hard going, still managed to finish though. Don't think i could run tomorrow, i need the rest day, waiting for some muscle ache in the next 24hrs. I'm hoping the d2 will be a bit easier (friday)!!!!!!!!


well, run 4 done today and I feel much more positive with this week now - even thinking about moving on to week 5 on Saturday.

The last 5 mins was much easier to keep going, still hard work but within my comfort zone :D

Happy happy me :D


my girls are doing this & I wont let them listen to the next podcast each time! how bad am I?? I remember getting myself into a right state this time last year worrying about the big week 5 run so we are all going to do the week 5 runs together as there are 3 different runs. at present I go out with them for the first run of the week & they use the treadmill for the other 2. they move onto week 5 on tuesday. good luck everyone. X


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