W8R2...and empty nest

Dropped daughter off at Uni this weekend, so feeling mixture of emotions at the moment. Really miss having her around (managed not to cry today!) but happy she seems to be settling in and is excited about her new life.

Just completed second run of the week - out with the lovely Tuesday night running group.

Felt comfortable, and completed 30 mins of running like last week, slightly faster according to map my run.

Helped me to keep busy, and do something healthy, rather than stuff chocolate which would have been my default option a few weeks ago :)


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  • Ah Deborah, big hugs. She will be back home in no time for a visit, likely with tales of how great university life is, a bag of laundry to be washed and demands for a proper home cooked dinner! :-)

    Great work at running club, you'll be a graduate in no time! I'm waiting to hear back about the running club I've looked into joining. Sounds like you enjoy yours, so hopefully I'll have the same positive experience.

    Take care. X

  • Thanks Mim, it's associated with Run England, they are all really encouraging, and it's a nice change plodding along with a group of people rather than on my own. Also quite exciting as someone else has sorted out the route for me! Should keep me going in the darker months ahead :)

  • Yes, just wait! Years after waving mine off to uni, the house is still cluttered with all their stuff (which just accumulates everytime they move) and they both regularly return for significant periods. Pretty soon you will discover the joys of finding things stay put and that houses once tidied stay that way for much longer and that you have more time for running! Then you can go visit them to make chaos!!

  • Thanks :) noticed the washing basket wasn't so full! Also did my first parkrun last week, and now no longer required to drop 'somebody' at work Saturday mornings, I'm hoping to do that regularly. Like the idea of visiting them and making chaos :)

  • Hi Deborah, my babe Went back to uni this week too....awful, feel like I'm grieving...so will follow your lead and have a 5k walk...not fit enough for the run yet....thank you for the post

  • Started the C25K plan and it all sort of tied in with her leaving, so glad I did, and it's great being able to post on this forum everyone so supportive :) sending you a hug, guess there will be parents all over the county like us, while the offspring are partying at Uni!

  • Great progress with your running and especially with not turning to the chocolate immediately, that's been one of my biggest challenges with my new healthier lifestyle! I sympathise with your daughter going to uni. My Mum and Dad told me that they cried all the way home when they dropped me off! And I was pretty homesick my first term too but I think we all settled into things eventually. It's a big change! Good luck with your running and I hope your daughter is enjoying herself x

  • Thanks Laura, I'm looking forward to my graduation next week...may have cake after that! :)

  • Awwh!

    I know it's hard I used to go up to take food every 3 weeks (no online shop in those days) and used to burst into tears leaving.

    It doesn't get easier you just get used to it xx I still cry now when my daughter has been over here and goes homexx. See you TuesdayxxHugsxxDawn

  • Yep, I'll adjust and I want her to be happy and fly the nest :) See you parkrun and Tuesday! xx

  • Aw, poor you :( The umbilical cord gets cut twice - once when they're born, and again when they leave home... Nobody told me that, and I only found out when Bigfoot left for uni last year. It gets easier - hang on in there, and embrace the small comforts in life (including running) until you dare to sleep without checking your phone every half an hour. Hugs xx

  • Aww thanks Mfam, I did manage not text her until after the weekend! I'm giving my dog, pup and chickens extra cuddles :)

  • Sympathies Deborah. I was just the same last year when I dropped my daughter off at uni for the first time -actually I cried in the supermarket on the way home when I bought a Sunday roasting joint suitable for only 3 instead of the usual 4 :( It does get easier though, honest :)

  • Thanks AM, I'm taking it a day at a time, and now I've heard from her and she sounds happy and excited makes it much easier. It was remembering the last hug and leaving her on her own that was the worst bit. Guess the Mummy bit never really stops :)

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