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How long should I give it?

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Hi, bit of background. Am 65 and decided to do the C25k. Completed 9 weeks without any real difficulty and was feeling good. Decided to keep doing 30 mins three times a week. On second run after graduating, my right leg hurt like hell towards the end of the run. By the time I had completed the warm down walk, i was hobbling.

Spent Christmas resting and was due to go out today, but still too painful. Managing stairs is worse. Feels like shin splint pain. Outside of right leg, just above ankle.

Am keen to start again but need to know how long to leave it and when starting, how far back to go in the program.

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That really depends... is it down your shin? Have you tried Ibuprofen gel? In all honestly, no one can tell how long an injury will take to heal, especially at the beginning. I would recommend resting until the pain has gone, shin splints are awful....

How are your shoes? Are you running in proper running shoes? Shoes that have been properly fitted for you at a sports shop? If not, that would be my first port of call.

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VragtesGraduate in reply to Curlygurly2

Thanks for the reply. Yes, have used ibuprofen gel and also have strapped up the shin. I think my shoes are ok in that I have run in them for the 9 weeks without any issue until the second run after the 9 weeks. The distance covered in the 30 minutes is 5.1 miles. I'll wait until the pain goes.

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RennurGraduate in reply to Vragtes

10 miles an hour? That's going some.

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VragtesGraduate in reply to Rennur

It seems a lot when you say it like that but it doesn't feel fast when I do it e distance is that given on my phone Health app. It converts number of steps to distance. I may change to an app that shows the route and gives the distance.

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jadevictoriaGraduate in reply to Vragtes

I think you mean kilometres not miles? 5.1miles in 30 mins is extremely fast

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RennurGraduate in reply to jadevictoria

5.1K in 30 minutes isn't too shabby either!

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VragtesGraduate in reply to Rennur

I'm not too concerned about the distance travelled, more that I run without break for 30 mins.

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VragtesGraduate in reply to jadevictoria

Well the app on my iPhone gives the distance run as 5.1 miles not kms. I have however downloaded outrun and app that will not only record the route run but also the distance.

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jadevictoriaGraduate in reply to Vragtes

I’m willing to bet my life savings that you’re not running 5 miles in 30 mins at the age of 65 on the first attempt at couch to 5k... something is very wrong with how it’s being measured. To answer your initial question, depending on the severity if it is shin splints you need to take a good few weeks off as shin splints can quickly progress to a stress fracture. Try a brisk walk in a few weeks and see how it goes, I’d suggest then going back however many weeks you took off in the programme and starting from there at a very slow pace. So if you take 3 weeks off, go back see how week 6 goes. It might be too much so don’t be scared to drop back again. After 2 weeks of inactivity your aerobic fitness and vo2 max can take quite a hit and a lot of progress can be lost in a short period. But better to rest than to end up with bad shin splints, from my own personal experience. Hope you recover swiftly.

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VragtesGraduate in reply to jadevictoria

Jadevictoria-thanks for the reply. I'd hate to take your life savings!

Seriously, you may be right on the distance. I'm only using the measurement of distance from the Health App on my iPhone. It measures it in steps and then gives a distance. Strangely, it is accurate on a known journey that my wife and I take almost daily.

But as I've said earlier, I'm not trying to max out the distance, just to run for 30 mins.

Although I am 65, I ve always had a good level of fitness and only weigh 58 kilos.

Thanks for the advice on where to return when the pain's gone. Even if I have to go back to Week 1, I won't be too down as I've enjoyed doing the C25k. Thanks again for your helpful reply.

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Welcome to the forum.

You might benefit from reading both the guide to C25k which has links to the NHS Sports injuries pages and details of the PRICE treatment methods and as you are a graduate (congratulations) the guide to post C25k running which is full of tips.

Basically, don't run in pain or with limited movement of joint or muscle.

Take care.

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It really depends. My suggestion is not to run until you're able to walk for a mile or so pain-free. If it persists beyond a week, seriously think about seeking professional medical advice, for example, from a physio.

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VragtesGraduate in reply to nowster

Thanks for the reply nowster. Yes, going to take it easy for as long as it takes then a gentle return to the course from an appropriate point.

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