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Tired dribbling snot monster


Morning everyone, Happy Sunday..

So today, having already completed 3 consolidation runs of 30 mins, I decided to have a go at the Zenlabs 10k app, for those who have completed the C25K this 10K starts you off at Week 9, and starts with (Run 10 mins, walk 1 min) x 4.

OMG! what a difference this makes, 40 mins of running. 1) I had to increase my route which ended up including some surprise hills which I hadn't anticipated (just to make it worse lol), but 2) my legs on the last 10 mins, I had that W1R1 feeling all over again, .... HOWEVER... I did it, and that's what matters.

The other point to make was, and I don't know if others have this issues too, the more I run, the more my nose runs.. which was OK in the colder weather as I'd use my glove to blow my nose on, but this morning (with no gloves) I must have looked like some dribbling snot monster to anyone passing lol...

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, Happy Running.

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Great post! I looked at Zenlabs but they seem to require loads of consents which concerns me. Did you say Yes to everything?

Time_to_runGraduate in reply to HeavyFoot

I said yes because they were mainly around sharing info to improve the app.


My nose always runs and I always have a paper hanky on hand!


👏👏👏 on the 40 min 🏃‍♀️ not the 🤧! That sounds really tough. I had to push for 37 minutes today, don't think I'll go beyond that for a while!

Time_to_runGraduate in reply to sofiaO

40 mins was hard going, I have to complete it 3 more times yet just like C25K and then the time increases again, we will see, I may be at 40mins a few weeks yet lol


Have you thought about JuJu's Bridge to 10k plan?

That sets targets of time or distance 😊

Time_to_runGraduate in reply to Jell6

I’ll take a look, thanks Jell6 👍

sofiaOGraduate in reply to Time_to_run

This is the plan I intend to do, eventually!

Jell6Graduate in reply to Time_to_run

It worked for me🤩


I run with a tissue in my hand😂

Time_to_runGraduate in reply to alpacagirl


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