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Stepping stones success!

Hi everyone, so I followed your advice and just completed Stepping Stones for the first time....

Boy, was that tough. Its funny how you get settled into your normal 30+ min run and although its tiring is nothing like as hard as this timed pace run was !

I found it quite tough going and really remembered what it feels like for everyone not yet graduated and taking on new harder runs. :)

Of course it starts off faster than i do so was gasping after 2 1/2 mins. Got through that and my calves started to hurt. Finally settled into more relaxed breathing at half way through. I enjoyed the last quick five mins then it was all over. I feel fantastic.

Much more of a workout than i expected (not sure you made that clear to me yesterday.... :) ) but exactly what I needed.

Speed was 8.58 avg 30 mins run 4.4k.

Job done.. can't wait to do it again Thursday.

I know i should probably post this on the c25k+ site but feel like i know you all and you will understand how excited i am. :)

Didn't even mind the music too much, i was busy counting. Lol πŸƒ

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Congrats jan! I've tried stepping stones a few times and I agree it is definitely quite tough :)

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Yes, but nice to have some structure again. Feels like you have worked hard. Laura was pleased with me. :)


Go you!

Well done for that run...bit tricky indeed but you did it.. ( now, if we had said it was a good old work out.. you may not have gone for it :) )

Absolutely brilliant...what next after a couple of repeats...we ask? :)


( I post all my things on here... I feel as if I know folk too :)

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Thank you floss. Yes it was good to do some structured running with Laura. Will carry on and do these all 3x hopefully. I can see it will help my running.

You did keep that secret well..

I think you must be made of strong stuff.x :)

p.s feels a bit rude to call you oldfloss... you are obviously very fitfloss. :)

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Tee hee... well, maybe fitfloss on a good day, with the wind behind me and running downhill..

Do you think that most of us are probably a lot fitter than we realise?

I've moved two double solid oak wardrobes and one triple oak wardrobe over the last two days...( with husband's help of course:)..Not sure if I have the world's most perfectly ruptured body???

Will see when i have been for my run tomorrow :)

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Sounds great Jan... And nooooooo, don't post on the + forum, we neeeed you here, showing us the way forward post graduation! ;) Like the idea of the stepping stones, sounds tough but fun. Hope you have a nice rest after the workout x

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Thank you :)

Tough but totally do-able like the runs you are all getting through before graduating. Stepping stones will be there waiting for you when you are ready...

I have been running quite slowly but for 30 mins or so 3 x a week and wasn't finding it too much of a challange. (Graduated last Nov)....

I don't rush into things. Lol

Happy running :)


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Well done a good work out indeed :)

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Well done Jan. I'll have to give it a try. Last run I did the stamina podcast which went well and I plan on doing it for one run a week till I can't handle the "music" anymore. More like rhythmic noise than music but it does have the clear, repetitive beat for you to run to. Can't remember what happens in the stepping stones one. Is it intervals?

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Hi BTYD, its 30 mins of running. Starts off with 10 mins at 150 bpm then 15 mins at 155 bpm then 5 mins at 160 bpm. Funnily enough its the last five mins that seem easier.

I liked the structure after running with none for a while.



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