The 25 part of C25K will very special next Tuesday

The 25 part of C25K will very special next Tuesday

Next Tuesday, 12th May, will be especially important to me...not only will it be W3R2 (for the second time round), but it will also be our Silver wedding anniversary. It will also be day 2 for our son's GCSEs and one day before the 12th anniversary of me going in for Testicular cancer surgery. What a busy few days!!!

Which is most important? Obviously, our son's GCSEs...come on James, straight As and A* know you can.

Now for the embarrassing pic...on honeymoon in Snowdonia...


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20 Replies

  • Ahh so young and in love!!! Happy anniversary! My son just doing his first two GCSEs today, so I feel your pain. Poor kids. Home stretch now though ....

  • Still in love after all these years. Not so young though!

    Good luck to your son. A very trying time for them, but a very L O N G summer holiday awaits.

  • And a cheap summer holiday in Cyprus for us - hoorah - no hiked up prices as we can sneak off before schools break up! GCSEs are so much harder now than when I was a kid, whatever the papers say. My lad has been studying hard, so I hope he achieves his predicted grades ...

  • Enjoy your hols. Still hiked prices for us; Mrs K is a teacher.

  • My 4 are all past GCSEs thank goodness. You've got a lot to celebrate and be happy about so enjoy your 12th May. What do you mean embarrassing ? That's a lovely picture !

  • Congrats on getting 4 past GCSEs. No mean feat.

    Embarrassing? Oh, yes. Just look at the cravat!! OMG, is what I think they say now...bought for me, not by me.

  • My eldest is 12 and we thought we were on the final straight of the 18 year cycle and freedom, and then came along the tazmanian devil (3 in August).

    Great picture, I might dig out my wedding photo (17 years in July) :)

  • Is that cravat of a technical wicking fabric?

    Congratulations on the anniversaries and best of luck to Cycle Jr, although I'm sure hard work and revision will make luck unnecessary.

  • Ah well, that would have been in pre-buff days!

  • Yes, a cravat, don't you know! Bought for me, not be me, I hasten to add!


  • Great photo and happy anniversary to you both. I am sure if your son has the dedication and commitment genes you have he will do fine. Have a great week.

  • Son and hair is supported by us, encourage by us, but NEVER pushed by us.

    A great week awaits...could do with warmer weather though.

  • What a sweet photo! Happy anniversary for the twelfth and good luck to your son - don't put too much pressure on him!

    Sounds like life is good!

  • Thanks. No pressure from us; but plenty from himself!

    Yeah, life IS good.

  • What a great excuse to post a picture of the happy couple! Congratulations to you both! Whoop whoop for getting through the testicular cancer 12 years ago! And hurrah for your son starting the GCSE's! It's so good to be able to start ticking off the exams knowing that next year he'll drop the things that he's not so interested in and pick up and run with the subjects that he particularly likes.

  • He has always known what he wants to do, but some of the subjects he would like to do he can't for his uni applications. Such is life.

    Great feeling being alive.

  • My word it's hard for these youngsters. I wish him well.

    -Being alive is pretty fab!!

  • Being alive IS could so easily have gone the other way.

    I have wondered if it is harder nowadays, or is it just that as parents we are not in control and so it seems harder?

    Good luck to ALL examinees.

  • Apologies for being late on parade, but congrats on all the anniversaries, and best of British to your son. IMHO you've got it absolutely right with your son. We were like you - all the love and support but no pressure; we always told our two as long as you do the best you can that'll be good enough for us, whatever the grade. Both eventually came away with Firsts. (Mrs 5k is very clever, (also a teacher), they inherited her brains!)

  • Thanks. A great time was had by us. I'm sure your two inherited it equally from both of you!

    James is now one week into GCSEs and is having a great time! Seems strange to enjoy exams...each to their own.

    Good luck to you and Mrs 5K. Enjoy the spring and summer running. We shall be doing some coastal running in Cornwall in the coming months, so that will be challenging, but [hopefully] enjoyable too.

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