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This is the most Challenging part of the C25K for sure


There have definitely been some testing runs and challenges since starting out with the C25K. Im sure we can all remember how exhausted we were during W1R1 completing our 60 second runs and then there was the huge mental challenge for those that reached W5R3 and the jubilation we felt when we achieved, plus for me personally a very challenging week 7 whilst settling into those longer runs.

However after completing a fantastic week 8 and then picking up an injury, I am now finding not going out for my runs whilst my calf gets better far more challenging than any of the runs that I have faced.

My whole mood has changed, I'm very fidgety, anctious to get back out there, not so happy and positive in my outlook on life as I have been over the last 8 weeks and basically just want to get out there and run.

Hopefully it will only be another day or so till I'm out there again, I'm being a little cautious not to go out there too soon, I've just got to keep control of this impatientnes.

I'm going to use these feelings going forward to spur me on during those not so good runs and just remember that there's no such thing as a bad run, just that some go better than others.

Think I've definately caught the running bug.

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It is incurable and ultimately fatal. There is nothing we can do but encourage it!


Addiction is a wonderful this instance anyway :)


Good luck getting back to it... & keeping your patience for the last few recovery days!

AlanistGraduate in reply to Tartiflette

Thanks, I'm getting very twitchy. It's the biggest mental challenge yet 😖

TartifletteGraduate in reply to Alanist

I've just experienced exactly the same! Wasn't expecting to become so hooked on this running business.

Are you cleared to do any alternative training while you can't run?

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