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Day 25 tomorrow: that's quarter of the challenge completed!

5x50 Challenge (part one for me)

( Officially starts March 31st. Couch to 5k have a team: to register)


18: 5k walk

19: 5k run

20: 30 minutes on cross-trainer

21: 5k run (in Wiltshire, away from home)

22: 60 minute 'step' exercise class

23: 5k walk

Day 24 today: pilates class booked

Body still in one piece? check :)

Finding the time? check :)

Trying out new activities? check (Trying out Pilates tonight, 30 minute beginner class!) :)

Staying positive that you CAN do this for 100 days? check :)

Big smiles all round.

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Thats brilliant Theresa!! I cant imagine doing it for 100 days; 50 is going to be hard enough!!

You must really being seeing and feeling the benefits and its great to try out new things too!

Well done you!!

Sue :)


Thanks Sue, that's really kind! I've just deleted the question I asked earlier because I looked it up and I see that you are doing the challenge at the end of March, so best of luck with it and any preperations!


Very impressive!! I love pilates, I hope you enjoy it :)

I'm sure you have said previously but I still find it hard to keep track of all the blogs on the newer site but why are you doing it twice? Truly inspirational considering I'm humming and haa-ing still about signing up as I'm not sure if I could definitely do 50 days in a row at the minute never mind 100.


Well, I have a big holiday coming up on the 23rd..I'm off to Sydney for two weeks with the family. I wanted to lose a bit of weight before I went, so I was sad that the challenge came too late, but then thought that I could start early and just do it twice!! It does mean that I'll still be doing it whilst on holiday, which will be fun!

Anyway, don't hum and ha, you could do it!


Impressive! I'm trying to get the nerve up to sign up for the 50, let alone the 100! Very well done, you're doing great!!! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle! If you're feeling fit and injury free then I think the challenge is perfectly do-able, it just takes a bit of organisation and , like you say, nerve. It would be great to have you join the team :)


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