Week 6 was hard!

Like many others, I found week 6 to be the hardest so far.

After doing W5R3 last week and feeling quite comfortable, I was determined not to be complacent but it was still really hard going. Aside from the first 5 minute running stint of run 1 and the last 15 minutes of run 3, I never felt comfortable. Run 2 was a battle throughout not least because, and I have no idea why, I suffered with a really annoying 'dry' throat.

Anyway, I got through it and week 7 starts on Friday. I plan to run an identical route to W6R3 for runs 1 and 3 whereas I am giving my trail shoes their first proper outing for run 2.

Physiologically speaking, my hip is still on the mend but the pain is now a mere shadow of what it was and my knees have been on their best behavior.

Onwards and upwards.

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  • Great to hear, Dunder! Just nine runs to go......

  • Yup.

    Nearly time to formulate my post-graduation plans but I won't get ahead of myself just yet.

  • Don't you have a HM to prepare for?

  • I do but that's still more than 5 months away. If all goes to plan, I have about 5 weeks between graduating and starting a 16-week training plan.

  • Good luck with that - 20k+ sounds a long way!

  • Yes week 6 is a bit of a crafty little devil! Well done and I hope the knees continue to behave x :-)

  • Thanks NE. I am still very nervous about them (the knees that is) but the reality is that it has been 4 weeks with no issues at all. Hopefully I can get them out of my head sooner rather than later.

  • Great work dunder, it's very hard not to plan the post c25k ๐ŸŽ‰ runs, but you're very close now. Hopefully the way you're going it'll be a breeze( and injury free!)

  • Thanks Sparky, appreciated.

  • Yep, that week 6 is a B****R! :X well done for getting through it, that trail run for a change sounds good, i want to get some of those too! (though only done 1 off road so far!!) all the best for week 7! :)

  • A b****r indeed.

    I think I am really going to enjoy the trails.

  • Nearly there now Dunder, exciting stuff! I was one of the many that found week 6 run 1 absolutely hideous. It's one of those strange, unexplained things... Good news about the knees.

  • Thanks TT.

    Run 2 was actually the worst for me. Hope the frozen peas did the trick for you.

  • The peas were amazingly effective thanks! I managed a short run today without any ill effect.

    I seem to remember I cricked my neck doing Week 6 run 1. I wonder now how on earth that was possible?

  • Great. The peas, followed by a bath, worked great for me the one and only time I had shin splints.

    Can't offer any words of 'wisdom' on the neck thing I am afraid.

  • Yay well done!!

  • Thanks Op15.

  • Well done dunder...exciting to think in a few weeks we will all be talking to each other as graduates!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Indeed. Kicking our feet up in the Graduate Lounge, sipping Singapore Slings!

  • well done Dunder :D you got it cracked now :D

  • Cheers Rob. I hope so.

  • after you've graduated (only 3 weeks away!!!) have a look at what plan myasics could have for you. Well done so far!

  • Will do Nick, thanks.

  • I must admit after doing 10k fairly comfortably last time I am giving serious thought to a September HM too! How much was yours to enter?

  • It was only ยฃ20.

    It is the Tonbridge Half Marathon which, I guess, is a fairly small event.

  • Yep, Week 6 is a tricky one . Well done Dunder , all straight runs now to Graduation !

    Glad your hip is on the mend , life is good , yes ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks, Work is pretty hectic at the moment pug but aside from that it is pretty good, yes.

  • keep going Dunder :D you are doing great :) I can see myself restarting C25K again maybe from week 3 or 4 once I am officially off the IC

  • Thanks Rob but this thread is a couple of weeks old. I did W9R1 today.

    I am sure you will be fine once you get the 'all clear'.

  • Doh my feed is playing up.

    Got to build up slowly :-D

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