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Week 6 - struggling


So I just got in from my 2nd run of week 6 and I wanted to jump straight on here. This week seems to be REALLY tough. Firstly, I have to reassure myself that I'm not doing too badly, as I am still managing to complete the running sections, but the runs have been trickier; my legs feel heavy and tired, my breathing is all out of sync and I begin to feel defeated before I even reach the halfway mark. Run 1 - I think I was a little too 'enthusiastic' and set off on my 5 mins far too quickly (my brain said, 5 mins? my last run was 20 mins so this should be easy!!) and paid for it throughout the 8 min and 5 min run still left to do! I learnt from this and set off really slowly and steadily for the first 10 minutes today. I was really struggling before Laura said I was halfway and I just can't work out why. As I finished the runs, I intend to head out and do Run 3 on Friday and hope that it feels better than today. Right now, I'm a little confused as to what my body is playing at!!

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Hi Ra220. That could have been my post after R2! It made me put off doing R3... I thought I obviously wasn't good enough to manage 25 mins if those easier ones had been hard. But I just did it today. And I could do it! So my advice is to trust the programme . Just go and give it a go. It's no disgrace if you don't manage it the first time but you never know, you might! It does seem that it's common to find this week pretty difficult. You're not alone. Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply. It's reassuring to hear other people in a similar position manage to power on through with the programme!! It really is a good one and Laura is great. I just can't help feeling a tad despondent when it doesn't go so well. But, I am hoping to report better things on Friday!! Keep up the good work :-)

I could've written this myself! I know how you feel. I've done Wk6R2 twice as I was not confident. I'm hoping to do the 3rd run of 25 mins on Friday after a day rest tomorrow. I have managed to do Wk6R2 twice with not too much problems but I just found it hard the first time so I did it again. I've got muscle ache so it's a sign that I need a rest. I'll give run3 a go on Friday and see how it goes but I'm not giving up. Even if I have to use some of my own music. I think sometimes it can be breathing, sometimes mind block. It is for me anyway. Good luck. I'm sure we'll get there in the end.

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Thanks for replying. I do hope you're right and that we WILL eventually get there!!!


I think a lot of people feel the same with this one. But, you did it, that's the main thing. I find every week tough and think there,s no way Laura will get any more out of me- but she does! somehow! Good luck with your run on Friday x

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Thank you :-)

Ra I would try for run 3 I agree it's very daunting.....I was there only a few days ago! It slow and steady wins the race and if you don't manage it, it doesn't matter you tried and go back to run 1 and you'll probably find you'll breeze through it.....good luck and let us know what happens xxxx


Week six was the toughest one for me, mainly because the extra distance covered meant that I was finishing my run on a long steep uphill. I changed my route and things were a bit easier, but I do think that a lot of it is to do with the psychology of having run for 20 minutes and you think you are "there " as a runner. Just be patient and stick with it and you will get "there". C25k will turn you into a runner who can run, with training, whatever time and distance you desire.

Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.


I know exactly how you feel!! I am in week 6 and have found it so hard. I have really enjoyed the other weeks but this has been so tough - not sure why?? Coming on here has kept me going though and I'm doing w6r3 tonight, so we'll see how that goes. Good luck with week 7 :)


You are not alone! I'm willing Laura to announce the halfway mark on 10 mins and thinking how on earth am I going to cope with run 3 in 2 days? But I guess we just have to remember back to week 5 and the dreaded w5r3 which we survived with similar trepidation, and week 6 is really only a small increment up from that, so we already know it's possible. I had to take a week out with tendon soreness and am now repeating week 6 - did r2 yesterday - still feeling twinges so will prob repeat again tomorrow to make sure all ok for the biggie over the w/e. So frustrating as I feel stuck on w6!! I'm sure you will enjoy run 3 and sail through to w7 - good luck!


HI ra220 I too found week 6 run 2 very hard, but i completed week 6 run 3 last night and found that running for the full 25 mins easier than the run and walk on run 2. I seemed to have got into a good steady run but far to many hills but i did it. Felt awesome after but my legs did not feel like they belong to me. Looking forward now to week 7.


Don't try to run too fast! Slow and steady is the way to go. It's all about completing the time / distance at the moment. If you feel you have a bit left in the tank towards the end of the run up the pace and empty the tank.


This is something that happens to me quite frequently, always just before or around the half way mark of a run I feel that I will never be able to finish. If I can get through that period, I always manage to keep going to the end. It happens now (am on Week 7, about to do Run 2) and it used to happen in my previous running life when I was running much longer distances. It must be psychological because it would happen at mile 5 of a 10 mile run, or at 15 mins of a 30 minute run! The difference is that when you are 5 miles from home, you don't have any choice but to keep going! :)


Wow - so Week 3 was actually okay. Went out yesterday, started really slowly and, though difficult, I made it to the end AND somehow managed to muster the strength to speed up for the last minute (as suggested by Laura). I'm sure I looked like an idiot as I smiled the whole way home but I didn't care at all! What a relief to have ended week 6 on a high, after finding runs 1 and 2 so so tough!! Looking forward to (yes, I did just say that) Week 7 and what it has to bring! I have every confidence that I CAN DO THIS and it feels great!! Thanks for everyone's support, and good luck to you all on your journey to graduation :-) :-)

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