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Week 6 done & dusted - but it was hard work

This has been my hardest week. Last night completed run 3 - first 5 mins thought about just relaxing and getting into a nice rhythm Then Laura says you have completed 5 mins 'is that all!!' - carried on at about 12 mins in I started to get a very mild stitch so tried to do the deep breathing but am I the only one that can't breath in through their nose and push their tummy out. Laura then tells me I am half way through, I feel some relief. The next 5 mins I feel quite comfortable but I have no idea how long to the end. Laura tells me I have 5 minutes to go - OMG I am exhausted - I need to go to the local shop and pick up some cat food and I am almost there but I can't give up now. Cross the road to the local recreation ground and decide to do a few laps of that, it was a lot harder running on grass, I was tired and I was desperate to stop but I was so so near. Decided to head back to the pavement it was a toss up whether Laura was going to say I had finished or the shop would beckon. Laura won but no elation from me just pure relief - didn't even hear her say I was now a proper runner or whatever she says.

Week 7 here we come!!

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I did this run too last night - it's hard work that's for sure!! Well done you!! You are now a runner ;)

Keep it up! :)


Well done hanging on in there and rembering the all important cat food. I had visions of your cat sitting in your kitchen and mentally willing you to make it to the shop ... the power of positive thinking?!


You didn't hear Laura but I'll say it or you. You are a runner morningglory! Well done for hanging in there until the bitter end. I found week 7 easier than week 6 so hope you will too. :-)


That's good to hear that you found week 7 easier. Even through I found it so hard, I'm itching to go out again - I must be mad or just to prove to myself it wasn't a nightmare.


Well done - I'm starting to dread that run more than I did W5R3! :-(


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