I'm coming for you, Week 7 - and I'm carrying bananas!

I'm coming for you, Week 7 - and I'm carrying bananas!

Week 6 Run 3 completed today! Loved it. Had a rough nights sleep and was sure I was going to get out there and run out of steam, but knuckled down, mentally took it in 5 minute chunks and cleverly (or not) tucked 2 x banana lollies (sweeties for you UK peeps??) into my back pocket in case I felt like I needed a hit of glucose. My plan was to eat one at the halfway point and then another at the end. I got so into the run I forgot about the banana stash and kept on going.

By the time the run ended, I remembered about my stash and reached around and found two squishy bananas and decided I'd earned them and scoffed them down. Now I can't say decisively whether it was a sugar high or post run high but by the time I got back to the car, I was pumped! Maybe a little from column A and a little from column B!

Friday sees me start Week 7 and I'm quietly confident that each time I step out, I'm going to get faster, and stronger and increase my distance to get closer to that 5KM mark.

So thanks super magic banana lollies, you were my friend today!


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  • By what possible definition are those "lollies"?

    Well done nonetheless!

  • Haha! They are super common and popular here. They're a little banana. Sort of a soft, not too chewy lolly. Not rubbery like a wine gum but they will sort of melt away in your mouth. Super strong banana flavour! Totally not good for you, but an instant sugar hit. I come from Far North Queensland, so bananas are everywhere here, but these are a lot less questionable when tucked into your pocket :) :)

  • Yeah we have the same thing here (foam bananas) albeit our ones are ridiculously sweet.

  • Really? Awesome, so no withdrawals for me, once I move over! Hooray!

  • :) OUR lollies are nothing like your lollies!!!! For a start, your lollies are all frozen????

  • Frozen? Not these ones...

  • Nah - we have our wires crossed :) The lollies in the UK are all frozen!! :)

  • Aha! Gotcha ☺

  • No - lolly means it comes on a stick...chupa chups are lollies..

  • OH - now you DO learn something every day!! :)

  • Ice lollies are frozen, sugary ones are lolli-pops, lollies for short!

  • if you're from Liverpool they're lolly-ices, not ice-lollies just fyi :)

  • I never even thought of having anything ready for a sugar high mid run. Aren't there special glucose tablets? I've never thought about it as I assumed they were to pros!

    Well done either way.

  • Well I'll admit, I too thought "This is for people who run WAY further than I am" but because I had a rough nights sleep (4 hours or so) I figured, anything that helped me out was going to be a bonus. In the end, I used it as a little reward :) And yes, there are glucose tablets, but as an ex Type 2 insulin dependent diabetic, I only tried them once. Once was definitely enough.. they were icky! :)

  • Whatever gets you out the front door!!! :)

    How's the weather up there in Cairns? - in Brisbane this morning it was unexpectedly COOL!!! 18C - and I felt like I needed gloves - ridiculous , I know - but it has been a stinker here this summer!!!! I am acclimatized to 27C and 80% at 6AM!!!!!

  • Ooh that is a bit cool!! Was 23 here this morning at 5am when I set out, which is definitely cooler than we have been. Still 32 during the day. A few more weeks and you could very well need those gloves! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Was around 5/6C here at 5am this morning, and I considered that warm enough to ditch my running jacket haha! :)

  • LOL ! same here. But ran at lunch when it was around 12c. Left the gloves at home cause it was so warm, wished I'd left my hat and jacket at home too, ended with them around my waist.

  • 12C - positively balmy!

  • That is nearly as cold as inside my refrigerator!!! :(

  • Nice one!

    If I had those sweets stashed on my person - I wouldn't be able to concentrate running on anything at all but eating them. (I can't believe you forgot about them - ha ha).

    You definitely deserved them though - well done. :)

  • I am shocked that I forgot about them too. Normally I'd be able to hear them calling my name...haha

  • Well done Kel. Keep on ticking off those runs. You're doing great!

  • Thanks misswobble..its good to know I've done more than I have left to go!!

  • Absolutely! It will soon be here! The glorious day.

    Shuffles off to start making preparations. Cor blimey! The cobwebs in ' ere, tsk

  • Hmm - Week 6 Run 3???

    I think it is time for you to visit your local Parkrun!!! :)



  • No, not quite. I'm not at the 5KM mark yet.. but give me time. :)

  • You don't have to be !! :) When I was doing C25K, I incorporated a day of each C25K week into Parkrun -- I think I started at Week 2. I just did what I was supposed to do - except that I did it at my local Parkrun instead of by myself -- including the 5 minutes warm up and cool down walking. :) I obviously didn't do a complete 5K doing this - so I just did whatever I felt like doing to get to the finish line. I believe that my first parkrun time was 43 minutes -- I am down to 32 now :)

    It is good fun and I found the added "excitement" to be just another motivation to complete the course.

  • Jellybabies are good too, I believe. Not that I've ever tried eating anything whilst running :) Making a mental note for future reference! :)

  • I think jelly babies would be a better choice actually.. the bananas got squished whereas the jellybabies would survive that :)

  • Great job! According to plan My w6r3 id tomorrow morning. I hope for an royal success (minus the bananas). :)

  • Way to go.. enjoy the run!

  • Good going Kel ! I always have a stash of jelly beans or jelly babies in my pockets . I have them on my cool down walk xxxx

  • Yep - I reckon these might be regular guests to accompany me on my runs! :)

  • Well done! i did mine today too (slightly behind with the time difference etc) and in fact Laura made me run for 31 mins instead because the phone went to sleep for a while (and didn't I feel it!).

  • Wow.. 31 minutes.. way to go! At least you know you've got it in you!!

  • That's true, but i wouldn't recommend it and am gladly going back to proper 25 mins later on. Need to have a look for some sweets - might have some Haribo in the house..

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