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Bananas about running… Week Three - Complete

I haven’t eaten bananas for over 35 years, I overdosed on them as a toddler. But this C25K thing is making changes that I’d never even expected…


Rain. I took UnfitNoMore’s advice and just ventured out with my normal clobber on as usual. It was sweet - my first run in the rain…well drizzle. I took the three minute runs nice and easy and found them very enjoyable. I’m making a point of letting the breathing look after itself now and it seems to be working quite nicely - thank you all for the comments in my last post about this.

Thought of the run: I may need to upgrade my DIY old sock ‘phone armband’ to something a little more rainproof.


I’ve decided to have a go with the Runkeeper app, so I got everything setup on the warm up walk and went for it. its pretty dark now on these early runs and I saw three foxes doing the rounds, they all just stopped and looked at me a little bit puzzled - "what’s he doing up already?!" I quite liked getting little updates from Runkeeper, with extra stats as I covered the route… ahem! not that I’m paying any attention whatsoever to pace or distance covered! 🤭 (I did make it a little farther than the first run and didn’t feel as puffed out.) No matter how hard you try, you’ll never stop me being competitive with myself! 😛

Thought of the run: Not totally sure what someone would think when looking at me from behind a hedge, but stuff ‘em, what are they up to lurking around in the bushes anyway…?


Due to the way things worked out this weekend, today was going to be my first evening run. This ended up probably being the best run of the three. Everything fell into place and I felt strong and in complete control. There were far to many people about and not enough foxes for my liking, but all in all I’m feeling really hyped up about it now 😁🙌

Thought of the run: Must remember to not open my mouth quite so widely, after swallowing two bugs.

Noticeable changes in myself:

• I’m eating bananas for the first time in 35 years… and weirdly kinda liking them. 🍌

• Sweating a lot less.

• Experiencing less ‘black cloud’ days and when they come they pass noticeably much more quickly than usual.

• I’m feeling more energetic and creative when I’m at work, my colleagues have noticed this.

I’ve got to say… I’m really loving this running journey so far.

Now onwards to week four.


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Fabulous post ThunderSloth! Sounds like you’ve been well and truly bitten by the running bug!

And I thought the same about paying no attention to stats when I started the programme. Like that was going to happen!! I am sooo competitive with myself and pore over them after every run! 🤓 🏃‍♀️

So glad you had a good week. You’re now equipped to smash W4, so go out there and enjoy it! 🏃🏃🏃

Enjoy your foxes and (delicious) bananas! 🦊 🍌

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Thank you cheeky chipmunks! Yep, I think I'm completely hooked - who'd a thought it eh?! Thank you for all your encouragement I really appreciate it x Now rest up and get your heel sorted - we're all keeping an eye on you...!

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cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to

Thanks! Trainers are parked up for the week. Promise! 👍👍

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Ive swallowed flies too ... Protein?! 😂 Sounds like u are making great progress. Happy running

in reply to Deals1

Yes.... really off putting when they go straight down, good point though there may be some sort of nutritional gain...! 🤢Thanks Deals1 you too 👍

Did u see my reply (to someone) re. Dont wear cotton. Cotton holds sweat and rain, you will cool down rapidly and start to shiver. Only use man made fibres. This advice is after over 40 years hiking and climbing.

in reply to Silverfox1943

Yes, thank you silverfox I did see that. I’ve recently upgraded to some appropriate running tshirts and shorts now after some early chafing issues with cotton fabrics 👍 many thanks

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For anyone else reading this, Silverfox was referring to this thread specifically about Rain:

There was a good comment from IannodaTruffe on here too.

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That's amazing! I am fairly new to running and I too have noticed changes in my food preferences. I can relate to your experiences of feeling more energetic. It's wonderful! Well done and keep it up.

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It is amazing, I’m really blown away with the positive changes this is making for me. Thank you Triolette, I wish you all the best with your running journey too.

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