W7 done... W8 I'm a-coming for you!

Well done all for getting out in this wind and completing your runs this weekend, everyone is doing just marvellously - love it!

A little apprehensive for my lunchtime run today, after a heavy Saturday of friends staying, prosecco drinking, pizza eating and late night chatting... Not amazingly sensible of me, but such is life! :)

As all have experienced and conquered... That WIND was out to challenge me too for this last W7 run today, but actually I felt it was working in my favour somehow this time ... waking me right up, whipping away sluggish feelings of over-indulgence, reminding me to keep strong, push hard and look lively!

I was thrilled to find myself much, much further up the canal path at Lauras halfway point today - even running into the wind - past Shrek's swamp (now drying up a little in the sunshine) and onwards to a lock and pretty bridge I'd not reached before. Distracted by the new scene, my feathered friends and the sunshine glinting on the water, the gremlins were entirely absent as I headed into the latter part of the run, wind propelling me forwards, increasing my snail pace and willing me on.

Of course, not easy in those final minutes, breathing deeper to get through but managing to finish a little quicker, but less than stylish! A lovely walk then, enjoying the wind cooling my face, to home and high fives from my small people playing in our cul-de-sac on their scooters and enjoying the bright, dry afternoon.

Taking two rest days now I think before tackling W8, will work out better with next week's work schedule that way, but planning walks and perhaps a little bike ride to keep me going. :) x


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  • Well done! Sounds as if you have beaten those gremlins in to submission. I think as folk near the end of the programme the mental battle is so often won and we actually start to really believe in ourselves as 'runners' who can do this! โ˜บ๐Ÿƒ

  • What a wonderful, wonderful post...! So ...alive!

    I remember those days of, slight over indulgence!!!, friends staying and long chats, putting the world to rights, well into the night, wonderfully.

    Not so much nowadays.. just the long chats into the small hours with family and friends...and the odd glass of wine of course...!

    Your run and your description... lovely!

    Can just imagine your small people, delighted with their Mum! The one thing I miss since retiring from teaching is the children!!!!!

    Go you... Graduation beckons! :)

  • Thanks Floss :) Bet you were a wonderful teacher, one of the rare few who your children will remember throughout their adult lives. They will have been lucky to have you if you managed to inspire and ignite passion in your subject in the same way you do to all of us with your running.

    My small people are very sweet and supportive of this journey. My eldest will be doing race for life 5k with me in June and is currently week 2 of C25K on the treadmill. She'll come outside with me in the spring / better weather and hopes to park run with me too. Will be good for us to share something like this.

    Enjoy your runs this week lovely Floss x

  • Fabulous, well done you, sounds great. I too have had a week of too much food, more alcohol than usual and a lovely weekend in Cotswolds with friends. And yet I found myself up and out at 7am yesterday exploring Bourton on the water. Different routes and music are the way to go for me. Slightly anxious about ache under right heel which I fear is yhe thing lots of people on this forum talk about but I can't spell, planter fascilitis? ' hope not...

  • Cotswolds gorgeous, lucky you! Hope the heel will be ok, rest up, fingers crossed it goes away quick :) x

  • Well done you and bless your kids high fiving you! Is there a circular route on your canal or do you turn back the way you came half way? I might try the canal but I was wondering about the turning back thing...

    My week 8 won't get underway until Friday. Back is really not good so hoping it sorts itself by then. I used to do yoga a few years ago (beginner stuff) so going to see if I can manage some simple poses to stretch and strengthen.

  • Thanks ;) I turn back on the canal route, aiming usually for well over half way through the run so I generally know I can finish up the run on the canal without needing to go onto the streets for the last minutes. I'm usually a little faster on the latter half, so guess I turn back at about 18/20 mins. The canal path is quite wide in places, so I can do this mini semi circle super quickly (admit it must look weird, bit like a dog chasing its tail) and then I tend to run an extra minute if I can after I'm done to make up for my little spin!

    Sorry back is no better, I really hope the yoga helps. Sure you'll be fit and eager to get out there come Friday x

  • Sounds lovely... not anything serious..just an achy heel! :)

  • The "I'm a coming for you" I'm taking personally! Glad you're right behind me - will need to keep on my toes here. Well done you - great post. Very alive! And I'm looking forward to being pursued all the way to graduation!

  • This made me giggle ;) of course I didn't mean you, but hey if it helps you power through week 8 with me on your tail, then Yes JaySee, I'm a coming right for you! :) good luck with wk 8, will be looking forward to reading your run reports :)

  • I'm going to be chasing both of you now!

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