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W6R3 tonight.

6 weeks a go I couldn't run down my drive let alone 25 minutes. I find that after I did my 20 min run last week the last 2 runs with walking in them have come really really hard. Tonight I'm meant to run for 25 minutes and my head cannot get round it.

I'm looking forward to it but I really feel like I have met a mental brick wall and cannot see myself completing it.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get focussed mentally?

Many thanks.

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Try not to think about it in detail, just trust the plan. I think most people, if not everyone, finds the interval runs in week 6 surprisingly hard after the high of that 20 minute w5r3. Just manage your pace carefully, focus, and run positively. I find it helps to have a carefully planned route lined up for the run.


Thank you. I'll try to plan so I don't think, sounds like a good idea.


I did wk 6, day 1 yesterday and found it really hard. I'm not looking forward to day 2 tomorrow either.

Good luck with your run tonight.


You can do it Ames, but if you are worried start off slow and be prepared to slow down even more if necessary. As Laura says, its more important to run the time rather than the distance at this stage.

Over the next couple of weeks (nearly there now!) you will find a pace that will let you run for the time. If you have any energy left you can always finish with a sprint, (or in my case a faster waddle :-) ).


Not really a tip, but I did my run 3 of week 5 last Saturday. Like you, I thought I'm never going to run for 20 minutes but did and again like you, I found the next to runs of week 6 harder than I would have imagined. Now run 3 of week 6 is next up for me and yes I agree it feels like another big challenge, but I'm sure I'll do it. Stranger still, I have done the local 5k park run in 29 minutes and its damned hilly at that, so I have no explanation why I say what I do. Head down and give it your best shot is all I can say constructively.


Think of the forum and the people on here you want to tell that you've done it. Go really slowly and then slow down some more. Be determined and then some. Accept that its going to be unbearably tough but you are not going to give in. Trust Laura - most people feel like you but then somehow the magic of this programme gets them through because Laura knows you're ready. Relax your breathing. Count a rhythm - ('I will do it; I will do it; I will do it). Compose your forum announcement that you've done it! Good luck. It's tough, but you're tougher.


Thank you so much for all your replies. I only joined the forum a few days a go and this was my first post, means so much to have you guys behind me.

I've taken all your advice on board. I've planned 2 routes, depending on whether my hubby gets home in daylight or not, I have the option of countryside or a road run to the beach.

I'm looking forward to letting you know I smashed it. Ha ha.


Don't overthink it, it's only putting one foot in front of the other, nice and slowly. Plus, if you have some countryside or beach then you have the best of both worlds and are setting yourself up for a lovely run

Enjoy yourself! It's fun


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