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W6R3 done but I feel a bit like a traitor to Laura


Tonight I went into the gym knowing that I had to do the 25 minute run and I needed better music to keep me going so I'm afraid I turned my back on Laura and relied on my own playlist - it was much more interesting to listen to, but after Laura and her encouragement have got me this far I did miss her little voice in my ear telling me how I was getting on :o)

I still can't believe that I have run for 25 minutes - I would have sworn that was impossible 6 weeks ago - only 3 more weeks until I can get my little green badge - whooppee

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Nice run and well done.

I've just started week 6 but I intend to dump Laura like a teenage holiday romance as soon as I get to run 3. She's a lovely girl and I had a lot of fun but like you say, you need better music.


Well done, I dumped Laura asap the music just got to me! I think the reason I didnt repeat a week was that I couldnt stand listening to the music one more time than necessary lol!


Nice run!!!! Your almost there to getting that shiny badge!!! I bet Laura won't mind you dumped her, she has moved on to the newbies. :-)


Yeah, the music has been pretty bad which is a shame 'cos I have actually found the podcasts themselves really useful :o)

Well done on the 25 mins I did W5 R3 last night and am still buzzing! This running lark is pretty addictive. I would welcome any tips or advice on week 6 which I can't wait to start tomorrow. I agree about the music but love Laura's encouraging words.


Hi Cocospeedy, I know what you mean about buzzing - when I finished W5R3 I felt invincible so beware 'cos you may find W6R1 seems a bit harder than you might expect - I certainly did. It didn't seem to make sense, but persevere - you will get the buzz back :o)

There are a lot of blogs on here about W6 so it might be worth taking a look for some other tips - and good luck for tomorrow :o)


Well done, great to have that 25 mins completed! Laura's lovely but the music for week 7 is not, so be prepared with your own playlist. Basically all Laura says is time-checks so you'll be fine. (Did you realise you missed Laura telling you you're officially a runner at the end of W6R3, though? It's a big moment emotionally!) Good luck.


Hi Soozz, yes I did miss it so thanks for telling me about it - I might just let it run through to the end just so I can hear it lol



Having read some of the blogs on this subject I agree however as I am on my first week and did my first run yesterday I will stick with it for a while as i find it helpful to be told when to run and when to stop. Perhaps Laura could do a podcast where she gives you the cues for walking and running and you are able to insert your own music - just an idea.


Hi ebony2012, you are right to stick with it for the time being - I don't think I would have got rhis far without the podcasts. The only problem I have had is that the music isn't really to my taste which isn't a problem for the shorter runs but as you start running for longer it gets a bit monotonous - like your idea for blending a podcast with your own music though :o)

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