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W6R3 great success!

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I'll be honest: W6R3 was the first run I failed.

Five minutes in something just wasn't right. My legs seemed anchored to the ground by lead weights, each step becoming increasingly more painful than the last. At 15 minutes I had to stop and walk for a bit and, although I did barely manage 25 minutes of running total, it wasn't continuous.

I was so bummed.

I almost didn't run today. Why bother? I knew that I just wasn't built for physical fitness - 15 minutes is all I'll ever be able to run before collapsing into a hot, sweaty mess. I can't do it. No. Stay on your sofa. Order a takeaway. Relax, after all, you deserve it.

However, I did make myself a promise: Go for a run and just go for as long as you can. If you really hit a physical wall, stop - after all, a short run is still better than no run.

I kept that promise. I ran until I could run no more. And I didn't run for 25 minutes.

I didn't run for 28 minutes.

I ran for 30 minutes. Nonstop.

Admittedly, it was more of an enthused jog than a run (I was pacing myself), and yes, by the end one of my feet had gone completely numb, but I still manged it. A few months ago, never in my wildest imagination could I see myself running for 3 minutes, let alone 30.

I'm posting here as a cautionary tale. I had such a negative mindset. I was thinking "I'm going to run for 15 minutes, have to stop, and this run will be yet another failure" when I should have been thinking "even if I only manage 15 minutes, this run will be a great success because that's still 15 minutes more than I was doing 2 months ago". So if you fail a run, don't feel discouraged; instead of thinking 'never' think 'next time', even if 'next time' actually winds up being 3, 5 or even 10 runs later. Because you will only ever get there by not giving up.

Bad runs happen, true, but the best part about them is how they make the good runs all the sweeter.

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Well done, but please take care.

The plan is progressive, because that is what the body of a new runner needs. We are all physically, and as you point out mentally, capable of doing amazing things, but if your body is not used to it then your injury risk soars.

I advocate sticking to the plan with your new positive mindset for company.

Take care.

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We have a saying in welsh

"deuparth gwaith yw ei ddechrau"

It means: two thirds of work is starting it.

If you start the run, you will finish it

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I'm pleased to hear that you got back out there and didn't give up, that's great. And I'm not wanting to be negative and take anything away from you... But do follow the plan to avoid injury.

I'm glad you had a good run though 👍🏃

Keep us posted on your journey and good luck

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If the black-hearted runkiller strikes again, just remember the First Rule of C25k: The only run you fail is the run you don’t go for !

Thankyou for making this brave post. It is inspiring

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