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I've only just joined but am sort of looking for some inspiration really. I did the W6R2 a few days ago and towards the end (last 30 secs or so) I felt really sick to the point that I had to stop running and retch on the side of the road. (Sorry for the gruesome image guys)

I'm planning on doing W6R3 tonight and sort of dreading it as I don't want to think that I can't or won't be able to run for a full 25 mins. Any suggestions as to how to prepare myself for this run?

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Sorry you had such a torrid end to the run :(

Hopefully that was just a one off , not sure why you should feel like that did you eat before you ran? Did you run to fast? did you hydrate before you ran ?

Please don't dread your next run and try not to think that you can't do it , really you can :)

If there is no underlying reason for feeling sick then put it down as just a bad run .

Good luck with this run , focus on the positives, like how far you have come already :) what got you through those runs will carry you through this one too :D


Slow down...Then you'll be fine. Good luck !


Definately try dropping the pace for your next run. There are so many potential reasons for a run not going to plan, and I assure you we all have them! Really hope the next one goes better for you as you are so far through the programme. Make sure you rest up properly for the next one and go out there and smash it...slower though!!🙂


Thanks for the replies everybody - it really does give you a little more confidence so it's much appreciated. Will definitely try and drop the pace a bit. I think it may have been down to trying to take on water at the wrong time.

I'm hoping it was just a one off and going to try and complete the next run tonight. Hopefully I'll have a better run and will be able to put that one down as just a bad run. Wish me luck!


I feel sick if I over-exert myself. In other words if I set off too fast. Slow down, take it easy. It's not a race - yet. I'm a week ahead of you and have learnt that all we need is the time, the speed will come later (so they tell me).


Just a blip.. take it really slow and really steady...maybe try to forget the 25 minute mark and just run.. then you will complete it without realising it!

Am I making any sense...:)

Good luck :)


Making absolute sense. Well....I just completed it and it felt great! I took it really slowly and it definitely paid off! Even managed to speed up for the last minute! Thanks for the inspiration!

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