W6R3 tomorrow and petrified!

I am so anxious about my impending 25 minute run tomorrow. I found the 20 minutes last week on W5R3 ok and not too hard but my last run was awful. The gremlins were going full force in my head, I felt clumpy and uncoordinated and just couldn't get a rhythm going. I just really wanted to stop but I didn't and made it to the end but I think I've almost convinced myself that the 20 minute run last week was a fluke. HELP - I'm so scared!


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21 Replies

  • Hi krupsaya.....you managed running for 25 minutes....just remember to pace yourself....go slow.

    You will master this......nice & easy does it.


  • Its not easy but if you've managed everything so far then as many will testify - this programme somehow works like magic and you WILL be able to do it. Mind over matter. I haven't read of hardly anyone that hasn't managed it - just hundreds of successes. Think positive, think of posting on here after you've ACHIEVED it and just keep going - you'll do it with Laura's help. Good Luck

  • I did wk 6 run 2 today too. It was my worst run for weeks! My breathing was all over place and my legs felt like lead. But I just keep telling myself that I managed 20 minutes last week even though I thought I wouldn't - and I will run for 25 minutes on Sat, as will you! Couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement of all the lovely people on this site though. Love it, even though I've never put anything on before. As they say, take it slow, trust the programme and believe in Laura. That's what I'll be doing. Good luck! !

  • It wasn't a fluke. The programme has prepared you to do it, and you can do it ! Just take it gently. Even more gently than you think you need to. If you need distraction, spend the last five minutes composing your "I did it" post in your head. We'll be looking forward to reading it.

  • Just realised you're doing it tomorrow not Saturday, so good luck for then!

  • Thank you all for your lovely supportive replies. It's making me feel so much better. It doesn't help that I'm running on the treadmill at the gym as I have dodgy joints. The trouble is I worry I'm going to falter and then fall off the blessed thing lol! And the gremlins just work overtime then!

  • Good luck for Saturday Silver Cheetah. I empathise with you having a difficult W6R2 run today - the curse of week six strikes methinks! I'll look out for your post saying you did it on Saturday. And I'll post tomorrow whether it be good or bad. Positive thinking now - it'll be good. There I've said it!

  • Many thanks Krupskaya! I'll look out for your post. You can do it!

  • Your body has been prepared for it by the programme and the biggest problem is likely to be in your mind.

    A few thoughts on things that work for me.

    Mentally break the run up into chunks so you are not thinking about the big 25 minutes but the next section of road or path ahead of you.

    Arrange to meet a partner or friend for a treat afterwards - I have had some wonderful cafe breakfasts since hitting on that little motivational ploy!

    Check the weather forecast and particularly wind speed and wind direction, if you can avoid running into a headwind you will make the run easier for yourself.

    Perhaps run somewhere different so you have new things to distract you.

    Try doing something else like mental maths to distract you whilst going round. I am a big rugby fan and I sometimes try to think of 10 players with names beginning with A, then B etc. I am sure this sort of thing would work with any area of interest you may have and it takes up a lot of time!

    And I know this might be strange, but you could try running without Laura, just have an alarm or something that will tell you when the time Is up. I wanted to start measuring how far I was going and had a couple of runs trying to use the C25k app and Runkeeper at the same time. The 2nd time, both apps tried to talk to me at the same time, causing both to crash, so I decided to try running with Runkeeper on its own. Funnily enough I felt I got on better, because I was no longer waiting for the "you are half way there" or "you have one minute to go". It means I stay in the moment and concentrate on the run. I have set up Runkeeper to tell me when every five minutes has passed and to give me updates on distance, pace, speed. And at the end I cam see how far I went and my split times etc.

    Good luck.

  • If you're a fan of rugby you obviously don't support Scotland!

  • You've done the preparation and you are ready for it. Just think how fantastic you'll feel when you've done this run. You WILL do it and I look forward to reading all about your success.

  • I was exactly the same! I found W5R3 ok but really struggled with W6R1&2, so much so I had to repeat R1 (I've never repeated before), so I wasn't looking forward to W6R3 but I've done it tonight and it was by far my best run, I really enjoyed it!! So good luck and you can do it :)

  • Why worry? Chill out a bit. No need to be so anxious about it.

    Set out to enjoy it.

  • I thought week 5 run 3 must have been a fluke too, but it wasn't for me and it won't have been for you. I'm starting week 9 tomorrow and have surprised myself. I've had good runs and bad runs, but haven 't stopped. Just trust the plan and keep going (slowly!) It works! Good luck

  • When I posted that I'd completed week 5 I was so elated but I remember one reply was 'don't go into the next run expecting it to be easy'

    I remember thinking 'Great, thanks! I'm all happy and you're doom and gloom!'

    But my hardest run ever was W6R1, you think going back to 8 minutes after 20 will be a breeze, then discover it's not! That advice turned out to be right. Week 6 is a slog but I think that's the beauty of the course, it teaches you that running will never be easy, Mo Farrah doesn't find it 'easy'.

    You just realise that although it's hard you are capable of doing it, that's the switch that needs to flip mentally, once you get that you're on your way.

    It will never be easy, you'll just get better at handling how hard it is.

  • Whether you finish the run by trundling over the line at a snails paste, or blast over it at speed you have still completed it. Focus on getting to the end, the best way you can.

    What everyone on here says is the best advice. Take it at an easy, steady pace to start and then either ramp it up or slow it down as you approach the finish. Just make sure you finish.

    Oh, and just for the recorded I hated w6r1 & r3, but loved w2 (and completed an almost-5k). I am loving w7. You will have ups and downs - focus on positives and try to block out those gremlins. You can and will finish!

  • Oh thank you, thank you! Well the day has dawned - I had a good breakfast of porridge and blueberries and I'm going to give it my best shot. I'll report back later!

  • Best of luck! You can do it! Just don't set out too fast... come back and tell us how you got on x

  • Hi all you lovely people - I DID IT!!!! It was easily the hardest run to date - hardest by a country mile. BUT I DID IT! I'm so so pleased. Mind you, I was like a sloth on mogadon by the end I was so slow and when Laura said something along the lines of 'if you're feeling good ramp it up and end it on a high' I almost laughed out loud! All I could do was keep putting one foot in front of the other. The last two minutes were awful but I was determined to finish. Phew!

    When Laura said the magic words - 'you're officially a runner now - congratulations' I almost cried. Right there in the middle of the gym.

    Thank you all so much for your support when I was worrying - it really made a difference considering how nervous I was feeling. I bought myself some fresh strawberries as a reward and I'm going to have them now and a nice cup of tea. Hurrah!

  • I LOVE your 'sloth on mogadon' (probably because I can really relate to it!) and it will give me a chuckle whenever I'm worrying about my slowness, so thank you for that. You're just ahead of me (did w6r3 today) so keep on posting to inspire me!

  • Well done! As the woman says - you're a runner now.

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