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Woohoo! W6R3 completed

I never thought I'd get this far... 25 minutes continuous running. Really chuffed with myself! Legs felt a bit heavy toward the end but lungs were still going strong thankfully.

My pace was a little bit down on my W5R3 20-minute run. I managed 3.75km in the 25 min run today (6mins 40s per km compared to 6m15s last week) but I'm sure the pace will come with experience.

Will start W7 on Sunday, when it's nice and light in the morning again!

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Stop bothering with time and pace! It's not important. So, Week 6 finished! Done and dusted! Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief then cos that's the worst over.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy from here on in. Weeeeell, maybe not but I think you'll find it flows a bit better from this point. Take care, go steadily and you'll have enough puff to finish the sessions. You're nearly there

Have fun! Take care!!


Distance, speed and time are definitely going to be important to me once I finish C25K as it is going to be a key motivator for me. All past attempts at exercise have fizzled out through lack of motivation and structure... so if I can obsess over a few inconsequential numbers then that might just keep me going - I hope!

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Once you graduate you can turn your attention to increasing pace and distance but it can be a long route as you have to get fit while you're doing it. It's great fun though, and a real boost when you see the next distance ticked off. 6k, 7k etc etc. If you like stats, as you clearly do, you can get a real buzz from tracking your progress. Don't be surprised though if your performance dips shortly after Graduation. This seems to happen a lot. I know it happened to me but I'm not sure what the reason is. A case of things getting worse before they get better sort of thing. While you are tracking pace/distance/speed etc you can track your calories and weight, heart rate etc and see yourself getting fitter and lighter.

You have all this to come. Enjoy the road ahead!


Hey - that's great. I reckon once you get past the 25 minutes, you know you've got the legs to get to 30 so it doesn't seem quite so daunting - well done :-)

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Good for you - sounds like you're on a roll now. I found this week really hard. I completed it all and did all the runs first time but it was a real struggle. Week 8 I felt was a doddle though... how strange.

Not long now :-)

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me too did Week6 run 3 yesterday. Amazing. i've never run further. It's a great feeling isn't it. Roll on Week 7 !!!


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