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Week 9 Run 3

Week 9 Run 3 Smashed

C25K Smashed (no breaks, no injuries)

Got up 5 minutes early this morning (05:15) as I couldn’t wait to get the run done and dusted. Started OK, gremlins hit at about 3 mins of running, managed to banish them at about 10 mins and got into a steady pace.

3.35 miles today in 36 mins so I think I was a little faster than normal.

Turned into my road and saw the wife and young uns looking down out of the bedroom window, my 2 year old was waving a flag (Bless her). I stopped outside the house and did a little “Running Man” and a “moonwalk”, my neighbour came out too :) (but I don’t think she sleeps)

Got in and my wife had sneakily got up shortly after I left and made me a bacon roll for my return and the kids had made me some well done cards.

So, I am officially a runner and I fell fantastic 

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Great work! That graduation badge looks good and I bet that bacon Sarmiento hit the spot. Keep up the good work, people often feel a little lost once the program is done. Set yourself a new challenge, if you haven't yet, try a parkrun and keep posting here. Congrats again! It's an achievement you should be proud of.


What a wonderful way to graduate - well done on the run and having such a brilliant family :) As well as looking to Park Runs you may want to take a look at C25K Plus. Congratulations :)


Congratulations!! And that's so sweet! I keep bursting through the door with news of running triumphs and my family just think I've gone completely mad.

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Thanks everybody, couldnt do it without you all :)

BTW, celebratory cookies on my desk in Cambridge airport (if you can get past security) :)


Congratulations! How proud your family are! Now to plan lots of lovely running adventures. Ooh cookies sound good - I'll have a salted caramel one please!


Congratulations on your Graduation ! Oh youre family seem so proud of you , and rightly so xxx

Aw your little 2 year old waving her flag, that is so sweet :-)

Well done and we'll be round for the biscuits, get the kettle on ! :-D xxx


Well done!


Exciting day - well done. That smile and high will last all day.


Fantastic! Congratulations on your graduation, enjoy the day. Great family support!


Congrats, your family sound lovely!


Congratulations! What a way to graduate with your family cheering you home! Good luck with whatever you decide to do next


Congratulations, good to see another one through. Perhaps because it's my graduation week too it seems an epic week for graduationd


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