Week 9 Run 3 - Yeeeeeeeeeeees!

Week 9 Run 3 - Yeeeeeeeeeeees!

I am maybe just a little bit excited now! Today I finished Week 9 Run 3! It wasn't 5K, only 4.63 KM in 30:23 mins, but that still counts doesn't it? My average pace was 10.33 min/mile so it wasn't my fastest time ever, but I kept going.

As usual, about 14mins in I started to feel very weary, but knowing that I could finish the programme if I just kept running was pretty amazing motivation!

For everyone who hasn't read my other blogs, my journey through C25K hasn't always been that smooth or elegant. When I started it at the very end of April 2013 - after being caught off guard by a friend who encouraged me to sign up to Race for Life - I realised that I needed to do some training to be able to complete it at anything more than a leisurely amble. I had loved running when I was in my teens, but as an adult I had put on a lot of weight and stopped exercising. Having a kid two years ago hadn't really helped my body either!

Week 1 Run 1 was an absolute nightmare and I felt incredibly sick, plus embarrassed about people seeing me run. Spurred on by the fantastic support from this forum, I carried on, but a couple of weeks in the pain in my knees got so bad that I could barely walk let alone run. The doc said that I had pulled the same muscle in both my knees and that I had to have a break from exercise and do knee strengthening exercises. What a set-back! Some time later I bought myself a decent pair of running trainers and started Couch 2 5K again!

This time around it wasn't quite so bad and I made fairly steady progress I think, but I seem to remember that I had to try quite a few of the runs more than once before I could complete them. The Race for Life went fine, but I found Weeks 7 and 8 very hard and thought that I might never finish the programme at one point! Even my smart phone seemed to struggle with the longer runs!

Well, I am thrilled to say that I have finally done it. To all of you folk who like me were nowhere near the end 9 weeks into the programme - there is hope! I am still quite large, but I have dropped from a 20/22 to a comfortable size 20 and could probably squeeze into something a bit smaller if I set my mind to it. I am definitely much fitter too! Although I can't say that I enjoy most of my runs yet, I do start to missing running during my 2 day rest break and I do experience the odd moment where the running, countryside and sunshine all just work beautifully together!

In terms of my initial embarrassment about running - I passed a group of refuge collectors the other day on a run and they just shouted 'Go Girl!' at me nonchalantly jogging by in my lycra! Good luck to everyone who is struggling! This forum has helped me to stay motivated so many times and will help you too!


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42 Replies

  • Well done momma, I'm not calling you big cos you don't look it in your photo at all. You did it the right way, you moved on when you felt able and ready, its not a race it is a 9 week course but can be done in 9, 10, 11, 12 etc weeks depending on the individual. I hope you continue to run many more miles and get to really enjoy it as I do, my hubby says I'm a pain in the - - - - when I can't run :) Don't forget to send Admin a message for your well earned Graduate badge and show it off on here with pride.

  • Ooooh, I will do! Thank you very much! I am still happy to be big-momma, although I might update my profile pic sometime! I think that was after Week 1 Run 1 the first time around. Glad to hear that you really enjoy running now! Maybe that will be my next challenge!

  • YABBADABBADOOOOOOO!!! We've been waiting for this. Well done and may I say you look very sleek in your running gear. Ok, so now you are hooked and are a real runner you can take some pressure off and start to enjoy it. I am absolutely delighted for you. Brilliant achievement.

  • Ha ha! Thank you! It has been a long time coming! I guess that I am hooked even if I am not breaking speed records!

  • That's brilliant big-momma! I knew you could do it. I am so pleased for you! :) :) :)

  • Thank you very much! I have just e-mailed admin, so hopefully they will let me have a badge soon! Your badge looks so good! :)

  • Well done. It must feel fantastic to get there. I hope you have something cool lined up to celebrate with as your deserve it.

  • Thank you! Happy birthday for tomorrow too! I have only been able to have a soft drink so far as I have to drive to the nursery later, but I think that I may well have a glass of wine tonight! Good luck with your running in your new kit!

  • Fantastic. What more can I say, your blog says it all.

    Well done. Keep running!

  • Thank you very much! It was a bit of a mega-blog today!

  • A mega-day needs a mega-blog :)

  • Well done, big-momma, I've been reading your posts for a while. Celebrate getting to the end and keep at it, I'm a week behind you and cannot wait!

  • Cheers! I always forget that anyone other than the forum folk who comment might read my posts! It's nice to hear though! Good luck with your final week!

  • Fantastic!!! Well done :-)

  • Thank you! It is very exciting getting congrats, even if I don't have a lovely badge just yet!

  • It will soon be there!

  • I do hope so! There is a gap, just needing a nice grey badge!

  • Oh, well done big-momma, I am so happy for you!!!

    You must feel absolutely fantastic & so proud of yourself. I know from your blogs you struggled at times, but you have succeeded with honours, and your speed was amazing.

    I can't wait to see your name with the shiny new badge next to it.

    Congratulations again!

  • Thanks! It does feel good! I definitely struggled at lots of times! I don't even feel that tired now, but after Week 9 Run 1 I was exhausted! I like your badge by the way!

  • Your lovely new badge looks great too. Makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

  • Definitely! All the graduate badges look amazing! :)

  • FANTASTIC AND BRILLIANT! I AM SO PLEASED FOR YOU! I wanted to be the first to congratulate for you but made the mistake of leaving some bacon cooking when I checked my emails. Had to sort out the kizzened bacon plus the smoke alarm screaming at me! Still - better late than never!

    Enjoy your shiny grey badge and wear it with pride. You really do deserve it after the long haul you've now conquered! Bet your chuckle muscles are aching now!

    And you look FANTASTIC - lovely new picture. Very curvy!

  • Oh dear - I don't like the sound of bacon emergencies, but thank you very very much for the congratulations and for supporting me all the way through my loooooooong C25K road (along with some of the lovely others on here). I have been smiling a lot! My husband asked why I was laughing when I shouted something downstairs and I wasn't laughing, just smiling about all these replies! He is still doing C25K as he had to take some time out with shin splints, but he hasn't given up! I definitely have a lot of curves to lug around the woods on my runs, but they are a bit more manageable now than they were 4 months ago! I really want a badge like yours now!

  • It will be with you very soon!

    Happy running!

  • Congratulations! Savour that feeling, it's amazing! Also, you look fab in your pic :)

  • Thank you very much! Now I just need to try to watch what I eat! I have been awful at that, but the 600+ calorie burning runs, have definitely helped!

  • Hooray! I've got the badge! :)

  • Congratulations!!!! I am absolutely delighted for you and I love your photo you look so pleased and rightly so. Good luck with your post grad runs and my very best wishes to you hubby who is bravely battling on

  • Thank you very much! I like your badge too! I will pass on your encouragement to my hubby!

  • Big congratulations BM !!!! So pleased to see your grad post and the shiny badge too! It's not been an easy journey at times for you,has it? So doubly well done for sticking at it...you are an inspiration to anyone starting out on this and to anyone who might be doubting their ability to continue for whatever reason.

    ....and don't you look great in your fabby photo .

    Enjoy your post grad running ...keep in touch :)

  • Thank you very much! It would be great if someone is inspired by my badge after all my C25K hiccups!

  • Wow, your silver badge is so dazzling and well deserved. I've only just joined this site so missed most of your previous posts. However I am aware that you've had a few ups and downs so just wanted to say a huge WELL DONE for not giving up and sharing your journey with us. I'm sure other will find it very motivating. You look absolutely fab in your lyrca!

  • Thank you very much and welcome to the site! I only have the one outfit that I am comfortable running in at the mo, but I am very tempted to treat myself to another soon! Definitely with lycra!

  • Massive congratulations!! I've been following your journey, alongside others, ( I'm not a stalker!) and it's wonderful to see you've finally done it!! The shiny Graduate badge looks fantastic, as does that new pic of yourself!

    Congratulations again Momma, and Happy Running! :) x

  • Thank you very much! I am going to have to look up everyone's blogs so I know how you're all getting on! Good luck with the running! :)

  • Lovely blog, congratulations you well and truly earn't it. Enjoy

  • Thank you very much! I really appreciate all the congrats and encouragement!

  • Hey big-momma! How did I miss this spectacular news?? Super congratulations -- and there it is -- your fancy shiny bright spanking new grey badge!!!! You look fantastic and your time is awesome. I'm still plodding along, but can imagine catching something like your speed in some weeks ahead. You've shown amazing courage and stamina, such a beacon for others coming up the path. Thanks for blogging and let us know how you get on as a GRADUATE. Wow!

  • Thanks very much OhCanada! Your comment is lovely motivation to keep on running and blogging. I might take a brief break from blogging to catch up on other people's blogs on here, since I can't spend much time on my phone with a toddler around! My first post-grad run was just a little 20min one to my own music, on a new route (pavement). I prob could have run longer, but I needed to get home to kiss my little girl before nursery and I didn't want to be too tired or hot when I had a lot to do that day. I loved the freedom to be able to run thanks to Laura, but on my own terms!

  • Congratulations. You sure look pleased with yourself in the photo. Enjoy the rest of your journey, safe in the knowledge that you are ensuring you will be fit and healthy to take an active role in your daughter's childhood. That's a hell of a motivation isn't it?

  • Yes definitely! Thank you and all the best with your running!

  • Well done you!!! I graduated yesterday and the feeling was amazing. Keep it up and enjoy the success you have achieved. x

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