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Post winter cold rubbishness!

Good news is that my cold has finally gone, after lingering for three long weeks! Bad news -I was just about to start week nine when I got my cold so yesterday I thought I'd start again at week six, but I have to say I found it a real struggle and just did the first half, i.e. walk for five minutes and run for ten. Hopefully my fitness will build back up again, I was doing so well! I might go back even further and just do it all gradually. What do you think?

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Like you I got cold/flu /loss of voice/stomach bug( I work in a school lol,)and also had a car crash.for the less traumatic I started a week or two earlier and tried it , if then I struggled I went back further.. I also ended up starting from scratch 3 times. It took me over a year.To me it didn't matter.I wanted to run 30 minutes and I can now and in fact do more😊😊So it's more about your determination to keep going and how long in weeks months do not matter.You want to take it I have read here many of us have spent years sitting on the couch so spending some time getting off it is nothing😀😀

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Hi, I have done the same thing, after hurting my back a while back.on the verge of completing week nine and then being couch ridden for weeks I started the program from the start, I have found it all very enjoyable and feel no shame going backwards. Good luck whatever you decide , you'll soon get there as I am. 😁


Thanks very much for that advice. I might start it all again. I liked the feeling of achieving something and was a bit down about 'failing' when I went back to week six. Good advice from you, thanks so much xx


Thank you. I would rather start again and get fit gradually I think. Glad you made it OK and hope your year is getting better after a traumatic start! xx


That must be disappointing Andrea, but better to get there a few weeks later than push yourself too hard and suffer.


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