A very cold W3R3!

I finally did it! I completed week 3 and I really felt like I would have been able to run a little bit longer. So I'm excited for week 4! Bring it on!

I have a question though... What tips can you guys give about running in the cold? It's starting to get really cold down here in Australia and my last two runs were very uncomfortable especially to start out with. Although I felt that I was able to run further and longer than in previous weeks, my muscles were incredibly sore, especially my knees down to my ankles. I'm wearing 3/4 length running tights so I'm thinking it might just be too cold for my muscles to stay warm? Also I tried doing some extra warm up exercises before I left the house for my last run, and although it was slightly better, my body still felt a bit stiff and cold. My muscles only really felt warmed up by the the final run in each session.. Probably not good? Any tips?

Also thanks so much for everyone on this forum! Your encouragement and support is what really makes the possibility of actually reaching my goal, seem very possible! You guys are awesome :)


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  • Sounds like it's time to invest in some longer running tights. You can get thermal ones and also some compression undies as a second layer.

    It's funny - never think of Australia getting cold!

    Enjoy your running.

  • Thanks for the tip! I think that's probably a good idea... I've just been dreading spending more money on running gear especially when I can't really call myself a runner just yet! ;)

  • Anneke, You are probably in Victoria. It is not so cold here in W.A. I went out at 6am, still dark, wearing knee length pants, a singlet and a tshirt. It was just a touch fresh for the first 60 seconds, then nice and cosy. I have been thinking about getting one of those light fitted sports jacket (just for the look really), Then I can take it off and tie it around my waist when hot and look very cool πŸ˜‰

  • Yeah I'm down in Melbourne and it's freezing! But I keep seeing other runners in shorts and t-shirts! HOW?!

    Haha good idea! :) Having cool gear to distract the attention from a red and sweaty face is probably a very good idea!

  • Definitely Under Armour compression tops and bottoms. Available from their on line store or same price on Amazon. You can either get cold gear or heat gear. You want heat gear to keep you warm. This is not a sales pitch, I have no connection with them, just love them and you don't need to buy many as they wash and dry so quickly. Good luck. Layers, layers, layers. The long sleeve tops under your running top will keep you lovely and warm but disperse sweat.

  • Thanks Peperami! I'll check them out! :)

  • Hi anneke when it was very cold here I was running in thermal running tights, and a wicking thermal base layer with a t-shirt over the top. I'm like you and I didn't want to invest in anything too expensive so I shopped around online and there's some big stores that do cheaper running kit without breaking the bank. Also try wearing gloves and a hat, extremities loose a lot of heat fast so cover them! I've also read somewhere that you should dress as if it's 10 degrees warmer than it is, but it does take ages to warm up!

  • I started my running journey in January in Wales - Very Cold and Very Windy!! I was running at around 6pm so it was around 4C when I was going out. I found that full length running tights, long sleeved running top and a running jacket were enough if I topped them off with a pair of gloves. Layers are the way to go, then you can take them off if you warm up too much. Have fun.

  • Thanks Princess! What do you do with the extra layers then when you take them off?

  • Just tie them around my waist. Sometimes I do look a bit like a cricket umpire though :)

  • Hat, snood, gloves and jacket with deep pockets to accommodate all of these as I warm up!

  • Thank you for this Question AnnekeCr. I suffer from Raynards so the responses have also helped me too. :)

  • Oh hey that's awesome that this could help you! God bless you!

  • When the weather is cold I warm my running gear up in the tumble drier before I put it on. This gives my muscles a little warm up just before I set off and loosens them up : )

    I also layer up so that I can take the layers off as I warm up - this stops me sweating once I am putting in the effort. Sweating in cold weather is a sure fire way of preventing you from keeping warm!

  • haha I like that idea! :D thanks for sharing!

  • Congratulations...i run in England so it's always fairly cold. I wear jogging bottoms, tshirt and a nice bright blue body warmer/life preserver/gilet...i'm sure it's a beautiful sight for the men in blue dresses going to the cathedral who seem to be the only people about at 6am in my home town.

    Hope to get week 3 finished myself on saturday but have a bit of a knee injury at the moment, good luck with week 4.

  • Thanks! :) Hope the knee recovers quickly! Good luck!

  • As you spend more time on actual running, it may become less of an issue. I'm a chilly soul but happily ran at minus 10 without changing my basic kit of long cotton leggings and long cotton t shirt.

    The key thing seems to be keeping hands, neck, head and ears warm - and this is where the buff comes in. I've been known to wear four - one round my neck, one twisted into an ear covering hat and one on each of my hands twisted so my fingers are covered. They are light and easy to whip on and off. Sometimes that's not quite warm enough for fingers and I do better with some fleece lined fingerless gloves with a foldable mitten top.

  • Hi, and well done for carrying on. They say to always dress as though it is 10 degrees warmer than it is as you heat up as you run; this of course, assumes you can run fast enough to do that! Many of us trudge, and so need to layer-up more.

    I would suggest a pair if long legs (I use Ron Hill Tracksters ~ far from being a fashion item, but cheap and very, very well tested, and not to mention good). If it is very cold, pop pair of tights on underneath. This can be done by lad as well as lases ~ no one will know! On top, a long sleeved running top and a lightweight windproof. Don't be tempted by a fleece as you WILL overheat, and carrying that round is far more troublesome than being a tad chilly at the start.

    Overall, keep moving, keep running and remember to stretch well after your warm-down walk. In the cold weather you muscles will tighten really fats after a run.

    GOOD LUCK, and keep running.

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