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Cold Bath Agony

As some of you guys will know I hurt my ankle a few weeks back (just after graduating) and this has been my first week back. Ankle has been holding up, just the slightest of twinges after a 5k 31 minute run yesterday, however as often happens (I believe) because I have been injured I decided to get a different pain, this time in my hip. (Illiac crest I think). Was sore all day yesterday, but not 'gait changing' when running so figured it'd be okay... when I got home after the run I assessed legs and found ankle twinging, kneee hurting slightly (usual) and hip burning.... ummm cold bath i thought, that will ice all those bits at once! (my bloody impateince coming to the rescue again)

HOLY COW! I have never been into self harm, but should I take it up in the future.... the cold bath is the way forward! I didnt actual put any ice in it but water was FREEZING any way.... got in yelped, gritted teeth, swore, got out. Then thought - it won't be so bad 2nd time in, so got back in and lasted 15 minutes in there... it was flipping freezing though and my toes were soooooooooo cold. On the plus side ankle hip and knee did all seem to benefit from it though!

Felt v strange when I got out, legs all tingerly! Not sure I'll be doing that again anytime soon, but maybe after a long race....

(Oh yes, kept jumper on too whilst in there... and had cup of tea)

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Well, if it's good enough for the Olympian athletes....... ;) Not sure if they are allowed a cuppa tho! :)

Hope it has done the trick and that all will be well for your next run. Very frustrating for you!



Oh, you're very brave!! I love that you had a jumper and cup of tea too. I haven't been able to run for nearly a week now because I put gel insoles in my shoe for heel pain, solved that but made the shoes a bit tight and another part of my foot is now really painful - maybe I will stretch to a bucket of cold water - with leggings and a cup of tea. Hope you are on the mend soon.


Oh, sorry, but that was sooooo funny! The idea of the jumper and the cup of tea... Hilarious!

But seriously, hope it does the tricky for you. Amazing that you can still run so fast after the time off - you really don't believe in giving yourself any breaks, do you!

I don't think I'll be in a hurry to try cold baths though!


Eeeew ! Don't fancy that at all - you're very brave. I often use ice on my achilles tendon and it does help, especially with a nice cup of tea :-)


We have our first self confessed masochist on the site runners!!!! :)

But being serious now, you are one brave cookie, never in a million years would I have gone to that extreme, not even with the jumper and cuppa added to the equation. Now cold shower targeted on the injury yes but even that is done gradually. Bless your cotton socks, woollie jumper and all, I really hope it worked so you don't have to repeat the performance.


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