Winter wear

I haven't posted here for ages, partly because I'd been running less (old back problem giving me minor gyp). However, I'm running more regularly again now and with the weather turning colder I'm wondering what I'm going to do once it gets properly cold.

I've already bought some longer leggings and dug out my fleece (I really feel the cold: my thermostat was set in the tropics when I was a child) but can anyone suggest anything else? A jacket maybe? Hat?


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13 Replies

  • I'm using running leggings and a long-sleeved "base layer" with a bright and colourful t-shirt over the top of it. I would be a little worried about a fleece - wouldn't it soak up all your sweat and become really cold and clammy aginst your skin after a short while?

    I can warmly (pun intended) recommend gloves as well. I only have some nice, thin finger gloves, but I might get myself a pair of thin mittens instead for when it gets a bit colder.

  • Lots of layers so you can take some off as you get home! I have a fleece headband thing that I sometimes wear, and this year I got a bobble hat from an event that I might make use off. I also have some timberland gloves that are sort of wicking material and I got a pink lightweight jacket from primark to keep the rain out. Layers are definitely the way to go!

  • I've bought some superbright running gloves for frosty mornings and a head buff. Haven't tried them yet as it's still to hot n sweaty out there, despite the rain and wind! I have migrated to a long-sleeved running top as it's a bit too autumnal for my sexy little running tops these days ... I have a softshell jacket which I hope will be fine for the winter as it's breathable and light. If it rains, I'll just have to get wet as I don't want to spend any more money on a rainjacket!

  • Like all the others have said, gloves are your friend in cold weather!

    I also have a reptilian like thermostat but find that I can run quite comfortably with less layers on so long as I have my gloves on. And they're also very handy if your nose runs :D

  • When i started in Jan 2014 - attempt 1 (not the coldest Jan in history), i had a long sleeved top, long bottoms and windproof. I found in a hat useful on the really cold days but over heated when it wasn't freezing outside but a headband that covered the ears worked perfectly and some gloves. My hands and feet are always blocks of ice.

  • I've just bought a pink base layer from aldi and some gloves. Tested them out on Sunday morning, they are great kept my arms and hands warm. Not too expensive either :)

  • I started off on today's run with running jacket, Aldi compression long sleeved running tee, gloves, hat. I had jettisoned the gloves in about 10 minutes and kept having to take the hat off as I just got too hot. It was windy and raining so I popped it back on now and then when the wind got too much for my ear'oles. The jacket came off too and I wish I'd worn my capri pants instead of long ones. It seemed so cold and miserable when I set off that I thought I'd need to wrap up warm. You just get too hot though!

  • Blimey Miss W, oh that's bringing me out in a hot sweat just reading it :-)

    I just had my thin running jacket on tonight and my tights , I just get far too hot otherwise .

    That's enough for me at the moment , although I will most likely be layering up as the winter approaches , oh what a palaver , whats a gal to wear eh ? :-) xxx

  • I think gals are more sturdy than mensies! I feel the cold so very quickly! A wif of wind and I shake like a leaf! I have a very low threshold and gets infections quickly too. OK Cheers, you lucky warm gal!

  • Ha ha , Hot stuff that's me :-) xxx

  • I'm still in capris and summer top. I should get organised and happily this means go shopping :-) tootles off to surf the www

  • Aldi had running gear in this week. I bought a thin jacket, long sleeved running top and long trousers, all for under £35. Bargain! I had cause to try it out last Sunday as it was 4 degrees and they were all very comfortable.

  • I suggest some woollen vest and a woolly jumper. Go for wool because that't the best heater (silk is good to, but expensive).

    I suffer from the cold too. Fortunately, since teh council did some repairs on the windows and changed my boiler, I am warm indoors. But I do wear one or two woollen jumpers when the weather really turns cold. a snood or tube or buff (the sort of round collar that protects neck and mouth and can be pulled over your head) is another nice addition. A beanie hat will warm your ears. somekind of light waterproof to put over all of this will protect you from the damp weather. Better be cautious, then wet and cold! Take care, Mic

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