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Achilles pain and general rubbishness

Went for a gait analysis today and was found to have over pronation on both feet, in particular my right foot which, naturally, is the tendon i get most pain in.

£110 later (wahhh) and I have super comfortable and supportive trainers running shoes (good news) but also have been advised by the lovely and helpful assisstant to rest for a week before trying them out (bad news). This is all going to interfere with my lovely asics plan for the great south run.

But thats not the worst of it.....

I didnt realise it was "over pronation" and called it "over pronounciation" about 16 times.

Has anyone else had achilles soreness and were able to carry on running after adequate rest?


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Where did you get your gait analysis done? I'm thinking of it but don't know where does it. Cheers


DO IT!! How i wish i had done it 6 months ago!!!!! Its freeeee! I got mine done at a shop called up and running and they were absolutely fantastic. They also do free gait analysis at The Sweatshop. Both "Up and Running" and "The Sweatshop" have branches across the UK so if you go on their website you will be able to find the one closest to you. Or i imagine most independent running shops do it if you have any near you!


That's great thank you. I'll look up both those places, thanks ;-)


Can't help with the Achilles pain I'm afraid , but love the new shoes! Enjoy!


Dependent on your pain, you should be very careful with your achillies.

The longest I was out was 3 weeks so it is best to rest if you can. This was because I was daft and ran too fast and then carried on giving my tendon a hard time after the initial damage.

Do some achillies/calf stretches, and I recommend the strength and flex pod cast that you can find on the NHS website. It keeps my tendons in good shape and makes sure they don't seize up at the wrong time. Since I started on this (along with some cycling) I've managed to recover very quickly from any tendinitis.

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Nice shoes. I had my eyes on these, but as I have custom made orthotics I was advised to buy neutral shoes and use my own insoles. I have a trail version from saucony which i bought at up and running too. Hope the shoes serve you well and you will be back "up and running" again soon!

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There's lovely!!!!!! You should be fine in those babies.

I think everyone has had sore Achilles at some point. Rest it! Your body gets hardened up the more you run and the stronger you get. I assume you do some other exercise to help support your running, walking, cycling, swimming, fitness etc. All grist to the mill to help you stronger and pain free. Make sure you are well hydrated. Dehydration can result in injuries. So drink plenty all the time!


Very pretty shoes! Congratulations!

I have achilles soreness and is seeing a physio therapist for it. She's giving me massage and has given me some exercises - mainly heel dips, but also standing on one leg as often as possible, e.g. while brushing teeth or doing the dishes, and trying to get used to stand on one leg on tippy toes, the last one is the hardest for me.

New custom insoles for the running shoes has helped a lot, but they are as expensive as a pair of shoes. Gulp!

Running with the soreness is unpleasant but it is doable. I'm fortunate that mine was discovered early enough so I haven't had to take a rest. Just a bit of gritting teeth and then loads of moans online to garner sympathy ;)


My Achilles moaned for a bit. Rest and heel drops, then short flat runs on softish surfaces and heel drops, then 'proper running' and heel drops. Mine's been fine for months now, but running on sand dunes really screws it. So, you know, don't do that (don't do that anyway. It is hideous. But it seemed fun at the time and I can be a fool).


Thanks for all of your replies!


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