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Needing post Grad advice

So i was sitting very happily having completed couch to 5 k. Done some more stepping stone runs and built my stamina. Even managed to keep running on a summer holiday (not as much - it was hot!!) And feeling great. Then a virus/cold/cough that has been hanging around for 2 weeks and i have not been out! Barely dragged myself to work!

Now i am a bit lost at how to get back! Do i start again at week 5/6 or just do what i can. I am still not better but not feeling the need to be dosed with paracetamol and ibuprofen all day! How do i start and when!?

Thanks all - sorry just frustrated and needed to vent!! So frustrated!!!

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Just do what you can. I bet you haven't lost too much fitness and could run 30 minutes if you slow down enough. If you get to 25 or 28 -- well, you'll soon get back up again.

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It is that time of year when this sort of question begins to get asked a lot. Personally, I don't run if feeling below par..........unless I am desperate for a fix. I want to enjoy running and know from experience that it will be hard going and unrewarding if I go while unwell.

When you are in the midst of the plan or having recently graduated there is extra pressure to run especially when it gets beyond a couple of weeks, when your condition may noticeably drop. It is a tough call. You might well exacerbate your illness by running or it might help clear it.

When you feel well enough to get back out, be cautious and do a gentle run to assess where you are. Maybe set out for a 5k but be prepared to accept that you might not manage it and give yourself permission to stop when necessary. From there just gently build your runs. It doesn't take long but shouldn't be rushed.

I hope you get well soon and back out running.


Wise words from one of our mentors above, I think. Go when you feel ready and listen to your body...always. Good luck🙂


Take IannodaTruffe 's advice...


Thank you so much for the advise! Went out today and managed a decent 20 min run. Felt better for it, although I fully expect to ache a little bit tomorrow - but thanks for the support! X


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