No tailwind today

I would like to say that in spite of running into a headwind today I was up there with my last run and close to that PB. But.... I would be lying. The 'headwind' was but a mere breeze so alas that PB must stand as a testament to a very strong tailwind :D But nonetheless I still have that 30min 5k goal in mind and with an average pace of 6.31 today it still felt like a good run so was happy with that. Now toying with the idea of doing a Bridge to 10k and have found this one

It almost seems counterintuitive to go back to doing intervals! But I'm guessing it works or is this like the C25K in that it just gets you running for 60 mins rather than necessarily doing 10k? Has anyone tried this one? I was kind of working on the principle that if I can do this it might speed up my 5k too.

Oh, and I signed up for my first race yesterday :o Definitely can't stop running now as it isn't until the 31st May :D


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  • Sounds like you are enjoying your running!Well done for signing up for your first race...certainly does mean you have to keep at it lol!

  • well done hilbean a great goal to work for :)

  • well done Ali :) sounds like a good way to go :) i think a few here have done different 10k plans , for me i didnt want to got back to the interval type plan, if it suits you give it ago can always play around with it :D

    I am with you being able to run for longer distances should help our 5k times ,I am sure there are things we could do to help as well :D :D

    I have read a few articles about doing some strength work, might mean a visit to the local ieisure centre for advise :D

  • Thanks Rob. I'm still looking around to see what other programs there are to see what takes my fancy but that one looks the most appealing so far. I think the progression to 10k will be slower for me though as my DH likes to come with me and do some photography but an hour in the cold is a little too much to ask at the moment! And in the meantime I'm checking out other exercises to do at home without having to go to the leisure centre :D

  • Well done Hilly for signing up for the race ! Which one are you doing if you dont mind me asking ? Plenty of time to plan , its really good to have a goal and something to focus on. Mine certainly helps to keep me motivated xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. It's the 5k Race for Life so I don't need the 10k training for that. Just fancied having a more structured running plan to keep me on the straight and narrow :)

  • Aw fab Hilly, you'll love it, I did one last year. Fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant cause ! xxx

  • Woohoo, what did you sign up for Hil?

  • The 5k Race for Life :) Certainly appropriate for us at the moment!

  • Such a fab cause. I'll be signing up for that too but not sure if it'll be the 5k or the 10k. :)

  • I might have been tempted by a 10k apart from the fact that this will be my first race and also because the 10k is a fair distance from home. Bit difficult to predict how well hubby will be so far in advance

  • Intervals do really work....honestly. Good luck with the 10k training :)

  • Thanks jj. :)

  • Well done Hilly, I felt soooo brave, signing up for a race. Mine is the Bristol 10k, and is also on 31st May. It's an incentive to keep training, for me at least. I'm just increasing the distance I cover on my long run each week, and doing two others shorter than that each week. But I'll take Ju's advice and look at interval training.

  • Well done to you too and 10k! What route does it follow? I'm guessing being in Bristol you'll have to be doing some hill training with that too :o Interesting that you do two shorter runs and one long run. I've noticed a few do that. What sort of distance do you cover on your shorter runs? And how much do you increase your distance by? So many questions! :D

  • I've done a 3.8k and a 4.4k this week, and up the long run by about 10% each week. Last week's was 7.1k, so..... nearly 8k today! And yes, hills! Don't know the actual route yet, Hilly, they've not published it yet.

  • So it should take you about another 3 weeks to get to 10k. That's pretty impressive! Sounds like you'll be well set up for your race :) I feel a little uncertain about dropping below doing 5k though so maybe I'll do another week of 35 mins per run and see if there's any improvement (probably a bit over optimistic ;) ). Also gives me the option of extending the last run of the week as I can average out the distance I do in 35 mins and up it by 10%. Thanks and good luck with the hills :)

  • Well...... I might repeat several distances before I increase. Don't want to overdo it! I've just looked, and there's a Bristol 10k Race for Life in July, so I'll enter that, just because it's a brilliant cause. And, of course, so that nobody else needs to worry about being last! :)

  • I doubt very much you'll be last ;)

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