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I actually graduated the Couch To 5K about a year ago and since have run 3 5K races and just recently 2 10K races. Both the 10Ks were within about two weeks of each other and I finished in pretty good time after training on my own (wish that there was a Couch To 10K!). So what's a guy to do afterwards? Take some time off of course and I knew I needed to get back on the road so I loaded up week 5 again today and got in 2.6 miles :D (this after not running for almost 2 weeks)

I adore Laura and the encouragement she gives when I'm running. Today actually was a wee bit challenging because I hadn't run for a while. But it was like having an old friend there with me. My goal is to get back to week 9 and get myself running for 30 minutes without stopping again.

I applaud EVERYONE that is out there running because you are all doing a brilliant job no matter if you think you aren't! Trust yourselves. Other may run faster, but everyone has their own pace that is comfortable for them so keep your own pace. You'll still get to that finish line I promise! Keep up the good work everyone!


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  • Thank you for the encouragement and congratulations on your 10k races!

  • Thank you :) I do honestly have to say it's all thanks to the podcasts. Otherwise I'd be sitting on my futon eating Pringles and watching Netflix lol. (which is pretty much what I did before running) Keep going! You can reach any finish line you want to! :)

  • I'm with you on the couch thing. That thing had a magnetic attraction to my bum before I started running. I'm in much better shape now.

  • Amen to that. lol :D

  • There is a new training plan programme on the Runkeeper app which you can set up to meet your own goal e.g. pace, distance, finish a race.... It only tells you to run fast, steady or slow rather than giving the encouragement that Laura does, but it is a structured programme which makes it easy to stick to as you don't have to think about what to do on each run, just follow instructions. I have just completed run 2 of week 1 on a plan to get me back up to speed after a month off due to a hamstring injury.

    Otherwise, if you search in the Ap store there are quite a few 10k programmes although I haven't tried any of them.

    Good luck and well done as it sounds like you have made fab progress!

  • Thank you :) I use MapMyRun to keep track of things for me. Since I run with the music on my Ipod, I'll have to give Runkeeper a think.

  • If you use an iPhone there is a 5k to 10k app xx

  • Sadly I am old school. I use my Ipod classic. (god why did they stop making them cause they really are brilliant). I did find an Ipod Touch but it's pretty old. Maybe it can handle one of those :)

  • I actually have these downloaded already. :) Just waiting to finish the C25K first.

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