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First parkrun completed! :)

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Did my first parkrun today and a PB :)

For so long I'd put off doing a parkrun even though I'm regularly running a 5K now, because as I'm slow I didn't want to come in last on their results, but my sister suggested doing it this week and I thought 'what the hell, let's do it'.

So I did it with a PB of 39.15 which I'm really pleased (and quite frankly amazed) with, next stop Manchester 10K run in May. Yeeeeeeessssss!!! :)

17 Replies
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That's fantastic! Well done Minuet, it's fun isn't it?

Hope you put C25K as your running club! :)

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Oh no I forgot to!! I will do for next time but yes it was great thanks, I really enjoyed it :)

Well done! It sounds great to be able to get a new PB!

From the moment I started C25K I said I'll do a run in the Park. My husband does it. But I haven't gathered the courage to do it. I graduated just recently, and I'm not doing 5Km yet, but 4.6Km.

My husband says that it is likely that I'll feel encourage to improve time when I'm running with others. Was that true for you?

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to

Yes and no, I was running with my sister who is every so slightly faster than me, but because I'd already run 5Ks I knew the average speed I should be running at and I knew how to pace myself so I didn't exhaust myself (I've done that once too many times!) so I had to hold myself back especially when it started so that I didn't run off too fast.

My sister ran off ahead of me which we'd agreed beforehand that she or I should do, but I was happy to just see her in the distance rather than run to keep up with her or the pack.

My husband also does parkruns with a very good time and he was cheering me on at the end, so all I can say is try it and see, it's a fun event and everyone is very supportive even to slowish people like myself. I'll definitely be back! Good luck! :)

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Well done you! I'm inspired to do one soon :)

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to cimer

Thank you! Go for it I'm sure you'll really enjoy it :)

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Congratulations its a nice easy way to do your first 5K cos they are all so friendly and easy going. I would strongly recommend everyone give it a try, if you have to walk for a short time no one is going to worry. I was very unsure in my first one but soon settled down and love going down to them. Today I went down with my camera not to run and had a smashing time taking pics of everyone. Go on cimer give it a try the crowds will carry you along. ;)

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Well done Minuette! It took me ages too! Wish I'd done it sooner now!

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to Gridlet

Thanks, me too! :)

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Fantastic about your PB, it sure is a great feeling. Nothing like the cameraderie at the finish line! I just wish we had parkruns in oz

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GridletGraduate in reply to mair99

You do! There are two in Sydney, Newey and St. Peters! They start at 8am. Have a look on the Parkrun website!

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to mair99

Thanks, yes the support was fantastic :)

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Thanks I will check it out!

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I've printed off my barcode - now just need to convince myself to actually turn up!

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wilmacghGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Go for it! Remember to put NHS C25k as your club.

It's great run and good for keeping motivation and measuring progress.

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MinuetteGraduate in reply to tantrumbean

Great, I'm going to do it again on Saturday :)

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Well done Minuette! :)

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