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10k replaced by a 5k :)


Hi everyone :)

Today I had planned to run a 10K which would have been my last before my entry into the Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K run on August 31st. However, my last two runs have resulted in slight niggles in both of my knees so today I didn't want to risk running a 10K distance so opted to run a 5K instead.

I haven't ran a fast 5K for a few weeks now as I have been concentrating on interval and strength/hill running. Bearing that in mind, I thought I would see if all that interval and strength running could pay off today in a 5K PB attempt.

My current 5K PB time is 28 min 28 sec so my plan was to run the first 2k at a pace of 6 min/km then up the pace to 5.30 min/km for the last 3k. That would be a time of 28 min 30 sec. Obviously, that wouldn't be a PB but the plan was to get me round about the 28 min 30 sec area and then push on for the last 0.5k which, I was hoping, would result in a PB. All very easy in theory of course :)

As usual, I set off at a faster than ideal pace but I managed to reel it in and keep it round about the 6 min/km pace with regular checks of my Garmin. Upon reaching the 2k mark I upped the pace as planned and managed to keep it around the 5.30 min/km for the rest of the run until approximately the last 0.5k and then went for it. There wasn't much left in the tank but just enough to achieve my goal of a new 5k PB of 27 min 46 sec, that's a 42 second improvement on my last PB :) Yippeeeeeee :) Not a huge difference I'll admit but, as they say, a PB is a PB and I'm happy :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their running, too, and remember, get the miles in your legs first, then the speed will follow ;)

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Hey thats fantastic...the planning and all the hill work has clearly paid off...brilliant :)

paul2014Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks, JJ :) Great when a plan comes together :)


Wow! That's just amazing! :-)

Interesting to see how having a plan helps. I'm not a natural planner but I can see how it aids progress. Very impressive.

paul2014Graduate in reply to I_will

Thanks :) I could have just gone out and ran it but I wanted to work out roughly what pace I would need to run at in order to beat my previous PB. That then gave me a ball park pace/time to get me somewhere near but knowing I would have to push the last 0.5k if I wanted to get a new PB. Of course, I didn't know whether I could do it or not until I actually attempted it ;),



paul2014Graduate in reply to danzargo

Lol, thank you, Dan :) Not as impressive as your 10k PB :) Well done :)


Fab time....I think beating it by 42 seconds is quite significant.

paul2014Graduate in reply to AmberC

Thanks :) I probably achieved the maximum I was capable of today for my current fitness levels. I was extra pleased as I was also running against a fairly strong head wind fir a lot of the route so maybe capable of knocking off a few more seconds :)


Hey, well done on the PB and god luck for the 10k at the end of the month - take care of those knees now.

paul2014Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you :) Knees seem fine after today's run. I think I may have overdone the hill workout the other day :)


There ya go! Another PB this week... amazing isn't it mate? You put in the miles and the speed is a result of the workouts before... great time there!

And I suspect you're right on the knees - those hill sessions can play a bit of havoc with them so need to take them easy.. mine are okay today and I've got 15K up tomorrow so time (and distance) will tell.. :)

Well done!

paul2014Graduate in reply to aussiegtc

Thank, Aussie :) yep, it's amazing getting a PB :) I'll prob reduce the amount of climbs on the hill until after my Middlesbrough 10k, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck on your 15k, Aussie. I'm certain you'll be fine. Looking forward to reading all about it.


Boom! Very wise not to put yourself through 10Km on niggly knees Paul, and by the looks of things 5 Km turned out to be just as rewarding :)

That's a fantastic time, all that interval and hill work is really beginning to show.

paul2014Graduate in reply to emkeenan

Thanks :) Yep, I think it was a wise move, too. As you say, the 5k did turn out to be very rewarding :)


Great time there Paul :) Think you're very very wise to reduce the hill work for a while to protect your knees. Good luck for you Middlesbrough 10k

paul2014Graduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks, AncientMum :) Yep, I'd rather not risk any sort if injury that may jeopardise my Muddlsbtough 10k :)


Well done, made a plan, stuck to it and PB achieved! I do something similar: plan - trainers on, out the door, jog around and try not to die. So far working for me :)

Good luck with you 10k

Happy running :)


Thanks :) lol, I love your plan, too :)


Well done Paul you are running fast! wow & congratulations; that must be a very satisfying confidence boost:)

Best of luck for your 10k!

paul2014Graduate in reply to jaxmc64

Thank you ;) Yes, it was a nice little boost especially as my 'planning' worked out as exoected :)

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