No Parkrun Today :(

Ok - so my local parkrun got cancelled this morning. There was too much ice on the bridge (which it crosses 3 times - and it's not a multi-lap run, each approach and departure is different...). So I jumped in the car and drove to my next nearest run (under 10 miles away) which was still being advertised as on. When I got there, they were just in the process of cancelling. There was too much slush and ice. I can quite understand why. What may be passable foor half a dozen runners could become totally impassable for a couple of hundred.

I was still all fired up, as well as dressed up, for a run though, so thought I might as well go for a long slow slushy run starting from home. Two minutes in, I was regretting it. This was obviously going to be hard work high stepping through the melting snow. My feet were already soaked and freezing. I was beginning to think I should have run in wetsuit boots instead of running shoes. Regardless I plodded on. I wasn't really concentrating on my time or pace, but just thought I'd see how far I could go in 55 minutes (5 minutes up on last week's long runs). After about 15 minutes the sun came out, my feet couldn't get any colder and life generally improved.

After 55 minutes Endomondo informed me I'd reached my time goal and I was apparently somewhere over 9km (didn't take the bit in about exactly how far over). The brain was a bit slow in working this out, but it eventually dawned on me that over 9 wasn't far short of 10. Should I continue to 10K? My feet couldn't get any colder - why not? It would be a shame to waste all this effort.

The upshot is that I managed my first 10K. I'll not complain about the time either, considering the conditions underfoot were not exactly ideal. I managed a 57:15 for 10K...


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11 Replies

  • that is an amazing time for a 10K and it is your first?? me thinks you must like snow running :D super well done Adam :D :D

  • That was an unintentional first. I've a feeling that the time may have been influenced by a desire to get back home and check to see if I still had any toes...

  • Impressed that you got your run in...I would have seen it as a sign that it was not to be...but then I do give in too easily lol! Two successes to get a 10 k done and inside an hour..score!!!

  • I suspected that it may be the last run I was going to get on for a few days (family business means that I'm now 200 miles down the road sitting in a motel just north of London). I think that made me more determined than ever must to get out and do some sort of run, whatever the weather.

  • Goodness, that was impressive! You are clearly a man of strong character, as well as fleet of foot!

  • Wow that is fantastic. 10k, a first 10k, in a great time, well done you! x :-D

  • Blimey Adam , Well done ! You are made of strong stuff thats for sure ! :-) xxx

  • That's blown my plan for Jantastic. My target had been to complete a 10K in under an hour by the end of March. I'm going to have to think of a new challenge now.

  • Oooh fab , youre way ahead of your schedule. Any ideas what youre going to do next ? xxx

  • I've no idea at the moment. I have put in for the Great North Run ballot, but as that's normally well oversubscribed, it's by no means certain that I'll get a place. Anyway, that's not until September. An HM seems to be an awful big step up. I need to find some intermediate challenges.

  • Wow that's some determination you've got there. And a 10k to boot, not a bad start to the weekend!

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