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Completed my first Charity 5k today!

Hi All,

feel exhausted but pleased with myself today - after ripping my calf muscle and splitting my foot, and having three weeks off of running, i managed to finish my first ever 5k race today, 31:43, which i am happy with.. I had a couple 10 minute recovery jogs last week, and feel pleased with myself for not giving up and calling it off.

I did it for Anthony Nolan Trust, a great cause. I am planning on doing the Great North run in Sept (rashly booked a place) so shall be moving up to bridge to 10k now. Finished the couch to 5k programme, and am very happy.

Thanks to all the folks who have given me support on here so far,


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Way to go Adam!! Fantastic time too!! So pleased for you!


Well done, must have been hard after being injured, well done and good luck with your September run, Great stuff :)


Well done, hope you achieved your fundraising goal for this as well? All the way up from here on. :-)


Thanks Gridlet, teamgreen, am really appreciative of this! i think the time was pretty good for a first attempt. Yes, it really hurt, but i guess, that's the point. just had an hour in a hot bath, so it'll be fine:) Thanks so much to you both!


Thanks Elizadolots, we must have posted at the same time! Yeah, i have met the initial amount i needed to raise, and am well on the way to getting the £100 i wanted to raise for Anthony Nolan, so am happy:)


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