A Wonderful Life (and Ice-cream)

A Wonderful Life (and Ice-cream)

Since graduating a few weeks back I've been playing with all sorts of things - most of them legal (though I'm not sure about the running tights) - I've done c25k+, and tried Bridge to 10K and club runs and nearly almost but not quite yet a Park Run and it's all been fun and my weekly running programme has kind of eveolved by default more than intent to one long easy run, one 20-30 minute interval type training thingy that possibly has a long name with initials or something and finally a tempo 5K - Interspersed with club run and I soon hope a park run. My favourite of these is my long easy run - steadily this has crept up from 5K to 7.6K without my really intending it to - it's one of those "oh I'll just go a little bit further' things. And today I found I had covered that 7.6K in 50minutes and a second (against a fairly strong headwind a lot of the way - which probably accounts for the second!) So I'm now three quaters of the way to 10K which I am sooooo pleased about.

50 minutes - phew - probably beyond the laws of physics and physiology... When I started this it was meant a distraction from giving up the dreadful smelly weedy cigarette things but it's kind of turned into enjoying being alive and seeing a new world out there. There's so much going on when I'm out for my runs - today when I finished by the lake there was a yacht race on and the sun was shining and it all looked so beautiful - but I also passed a woman on a mobility scooter with tubes coming out of her nose and it made me think 'that could have been me in a few years but now I'm running' and I realized that I had made one hell of an important life choice. My advice to anyone doing c25k who may be having doubts is do not even consider giving up - this is something you do for life - literally.

Of course one tremendous advantage of running even further is that I now get to eat even more ice-cream which of course is what all this is really about :))

Happy running everyone :)


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38 Replies

  • Sounds like you've earnt quite a few ice creams! Great routine that you seem to have settled into now, making solid progress & still enjoying it, who could ask for more! Thanks for sharing x

  • Thanks Super Marlyparly - yep - finding the right routine for myself has been the key - I bought the B210K app and then thought I really don't want to go back to running breaks again - I find if I slow to a walk then my system shuts down and I get done for loitering with intent :)

  • brilliant...you are doing so amazingly well, not long before double figures...and you are so right about the amazing benefits of C25K

  • Thanks JuicyJu - Yes just subversively increasing the distance by 10% per week without my body or brain finding out! I can run so much further if I don't look at my watch or have people telling me how far I've run - this will probably change but for now it kinda works :)

  • Sounds wonderful where you run :) interesting to read you an ex smoker also :) i can vouch for C25K too , Blimey i have got my badge now, where did the 9 weeks go? I am starting my post grad runs on tuesday :D

    really great to read you post and see where running can take you :D

  • I'm really lucky with my runs - nice scenery and hardly any roads to cross either which is good because I've kind of developed this thing whereby I think I have right of way! Congratulations and Good luck with the post grad runs. :)

  • It was the mention of ice cream that got me. I love ice cream. What's not to love?

    Oh what a life affirming post Runon. You're right, running does change the way we see the world and we are so so lucky to be able to do it. I think about that every time I'm running. So lucky.

    You've done amazingly well with the distance! Cor blimey that's some going.

    And I love your tags! Hee hee.

    Enjoy the ice cream.

  • Yes indeed - the tags - I love some of these. Ice-cream is very important to me - as is chocolate but I have cut down dramatically so it's my little prize for extra effort :)

  • Yea, fab post Runon!

    "One hell of an important life choice" indeed - apart from the ice-cream bit ;-)

  • No, truly, ice-cream is vital. Nowt fancy, just good vanilla ice-cream. I am trying very hard to increase my distance to 7.5k and then 10k just so I will have earned enough calories to have ice-cream on run days.

  • Chocolate or cheese both beat ice cream for me. Each to his or her own, eh! The main thing is to keep on running :-)

  • I've never heard of cheese flavoured ice-cream :) I do love chocolate though - now Cornish Ice-cream with chocolate custard is going to be my prize for 10K - and to blazes with the calories. I've not lost or gained weight since I started running - I think the giving up smoking means I eat more but the running takes the calories off - so all balances out really. I have changed my diet a bit though so it is healthier (except for the chocolate and the ice-cream - did I mention cake...?)

  • :-)

  • Oh i love ice-cream too. You will have to eat some for me as i need to stay away from it!!! Look at you - not long to go until you get to 10km!! I agree when we have been out running or cycling we find out about lots of things going on its great!! Plus you get enjoy some lovely sceneary along the way!! again one of the many benefits of running outside :)

  • Your ice-cream was lovely - you would have enjoyed it :) Yes running outside - I just love it - I don't think I could deal with a running machine myself - though what happens when it snows I'm not too sure - Nordic skiing I guess :))

  • Yea I love running - Just wish I'd got into sooner - but then I was probably busy at the time :) - Just glad I'm doing it now. :)

  • Great post Runon and so lovely to hear you're well on your way to 10k. :)

  • Thanks Ancient Mum - Yes I'm really enjoying the journey - I just wanted my 5K to be faster which is one reason for extending the distance but who knows where it will stop - I'm sure there are graduates who are running a circuit around the whole country by now! :)

  • Well runon, you're doing so well! When you first joined the forum I read your name as Ru- non ( with a french feel- well there are some strange names on here!) It was ages before I realised it was Run-on , silly me, and try as I might that is your frenchy name and I can't shift it from my old brain! So will send you a congratulations, and a lovely glace au chocolat for you with extra sprinkles! Excellent work on your time and distance and anentertaining read!

  • Merci Aliboo - Je l'ai décidé que je serai français cette semaine. I would just love a glace au chocolat with sprinkles - indeed one of my my favourite films is CHOCOLAT based on the wonderful novel CHOCOLAT by Joanne Harris who is half French and has also writen cookery books in which CHOCOLAT features just by coincidence. I don't think she goes running though. BUT I think I shall adopt the name in future. :))

    Kind regards,

    Monsieur Runon :)

  • Hey Ru-non! your french is better than mine! you are obviously a true frenchman at heart! I did read the book Chocolat but it was a long while back!.................................................

    But i do know that your running is tres bien! :)

    A bientot ! :)

    Aliboo (sounds a little french too!)

  • You sound like you are enjoying your running so much Ru-non ;0). Well done on increasing the distance. 7.6k is fantastic! I am enjoying my running too. Have run a couple of 5ks this week and one almost 5k. I think I will start increasing the distance on one of my runs soon. I have also been wishing I had started running before, but I think now is obviously the right time :0)

  • Hey Running knitter - that's brilliant - I think it can take a little time after graduating to find new challenges and 10K is the obvious one and I think from my limited experience the best way is to just increase the distance or time by 10% per week - well it's working for me :) Not all my post-grad runs have been successful but I cope much better now if they are not and just put them down to experience. I was finding Saturday runs problematic and that's because I was running later and was hungry - so solved that one. I've had problems with satnav apps which caused me to kind of give up mid run when I realised I had no idea how long or far I had travelled - so given that up and use watch and pre-measured routes now. But I suppose I'm just finding what's right for me and everyone's different. One thing is for certain anytime is the right time to start running. :)

  • Hey Grasshopper ! How are you ? Great to read that youre doing so well and enjoying your runs in sunny Southport :-)

    Isnt it fab this running lark ? It is certainly a life changer, those days of sitting around puffing our heads off are well and truly in the past. Only wish Id've found it sooner, but not to worry, we're here now and we're up and running .

    Run Wild, Run Free , my friend :-) xxx

  • Hey Poppers - you're back - superdooperydo! It has been sunny in Southport today but I've noticed how much smaller the town is getting now I'm running farther - why I'll soon be in Carlisle at this rate. I also find I'm walking more instead of taking the car which can only be good - distances seem to be shrinking - though obviously I still take the motorbike just for the fun of it :)

    How are you - where have you been - what have you been up to - how are the pugs - and what is the diameter of Saturn?

    Take care my friend :) XXX

  • Ha ha , oh I do love your sense of humour :-) You are rocking Southport that's for sure ! :-)

    I am fine thankyou, I am still sticking to my training for my GMR next year. It is rumoured that Jo Pavey is taking part - FAB ! It will probably be a " blink and you'll miss her " moment for me though. Ha ha Eat my dust Jo ! :-)

    Pugs have just been on their nightly pug patrol around the estate, all is well and in order, although someone had left some chicken out for the foxes and it was a bit touch and go on whether I could prise them away from it at some point .

    Oh its 120,536km , fancy that ! :-) xxx

  • i saw Jo Pavey at the great south run last week starting the kids races! :)

  • Aw, she's great, I really hope she does the GMR :-) xxx

  • Just 120,536KM - easy run that one - I shall call it the GSR (Great Saturn Run) - Forget Jo Pavey, I may even sign up for this if I don't do the GSR - now just checking on Master Google about the diameter of Saturn just in case your tape measuer had shrunk in the wash and it seems that it is harder to run on Saturn than Earth - partly because it is a gas and you'd sink and partly because at its poles gravity is stronger - but that's ok because it is weaker at Saturns Equator which makes it easier to run. Then I discovered that the same thing applies on Earth and that you are lighter at the equator than the poles because gravity is weaker (bear with me on this) - this is what wiki says: if you weigh 100lbs at the North and South Poles, you'd weigh 99.8lbs when standing on the equator!

    So - if you travel to the equator you would lose weight - I shall call it the equator diet :)

    Keep training for that GNR - The BBC are covering it and you will be the star XXX

  • Yes Runon, you should definitely sign up for it , you will smash it no problem !

    Im off to pack my bags now and move to the Equator , that's the place to be - very interesting that.

    Happy Monday, my friend :-) xxx

  • I hope you made it to the equator in one piece - how did you run with the bags though? :) XXX

  • Oh that was no problem, I borrowed Jeeves , it was his afternoon off from your gaff :-D xxx

  • Blimey - An afternoon off - whatever put the notion he was allowed time off into his head - don't know what the world is coming too - He'll be wanting a half day at Christmas next! Humbug!

    Right-ho - speed trials tomorrow - for me that is - see if I can get a bit of pace up. Been taking a look at that old GNR thingy - might be worth a gander and a trip in the jalopy to the frozen wastes of 'oop north'. Good to have something to aim for. What ho Poppers! :) xxx

  • Oh speed trials eh ? Its good to mix it up a bit I think. You are Speedy Gonzalez already though :-)

    Are you looking at GNR or GMR or maybe both ? Im doing the GMR . It was my dream when I first started this programme, and here I am , in training. Dreams can come true :-) xxx

  • ERM... GNR, GMR, GMT - it's all the same to me - LSR (Little Southport Run) now and TTFN :) xxx

    PS. It is wonderful to have a dream and they really do come true if you wish hard enough. Well done Poppers.

  • " You've got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you going to make a dream come true " tra la la la

    Happy, happy, happy ,happy talk

    South Pacific, Southport - The world's your Oyster

    Happy Days Runon :-) xxx

  • I love this forum...it makes my chuckle and smile and I learn soooo much!!

    Lovely post, runon, although I'm with Babs...I run for cheese, myself (goat's especially) and, erm, the occasional beer (mmmm...beeeer).

    Smile much...your life choice is superb! :D

  • Goats cheese is worth running for but will give you nightmares - Beeer is worth running for too but do not run after drinking beer - you will get hiccups and turn blue (er)! :)

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