Smoke me a kipper I'll be back before breakfast

Smoke me a kipper I'll be back before breakfast

This week we've moved up the valley so I decided it would be 10k today or there abouts. Set off gently mostly downhill to the beach but then the coastal path to Amadores beach took its toll. When I hit the beach on came martha and the muffins echo beach which got me sprinting.

The journey back was much harder lots of uphill but I kept checking Miss Garmin and at one stage thought I might be on for a 10k PB. Unfortunately I struggled uphill and the PB vanished.

started my warm down which was still uphill and stopped the clock.

Surprised that I had a new PB for 5k and longest run.

Another day in paradise begins. Happy Running all.

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  • Wow GF - amazing view and well done on the personal best for the 5k. Looking out on a very rainy and blustery day here - wish we were there!! Enjoy

  • Thanks Mossy back to blighty on Saturday so making the most of it this week.

  • Great view and what a pleasure it must be to be able to run there :) Congrats on the new PB's :) Hope you enjoyed your kipper ;)

  • Thanks Paul toast and peanut butter but yiu get the idea

  • I do ;)

  • Well done Ace!

  • Thanks spanners couldn't have done it without you

  • What a Guy.......

  • Well done, you! lovely piccy, Enjoy paradise :)

  • Thank s BF it really has been good

  • Wow - amazing place to run and well done for keeping at it while you're away (please tell me your on holidays and don't live there all the time - that sun... that warmth...)... :)

    Makes the holiday food and drink a little bit more guilt free too... bonus!

  • Yep just on hold run 6 times so far. It is a great way to relax and burn off paella and cerveza ;-)

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