5K to 10K?

Hi all! Have been a Couch25K graduate since last April. Despite a few blips, still out there pounding the streets of Stratford upon Avon on a relatively regular basis. I'm wondering if anyone has found an app which will help to motivate me further. I have the 5-10K training by 'Suz' but haven't tried it yet....also from what little I've heard, she sounds like Donald Duck!! I still like the 5K+ podcasts from Laura but feel like something new....any thoughts would be much appreciated !!

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  • You could use the B210K podcasts I think they are called - some one kindly put them on dropbox and made a pinned posts to them here. I'm too stupid to get them onto my phone, but I'm using a written plan by MyAsics, a lot of us are actually. There are loads of plans out there I think, hopefully someone else will be more helpful than me. Good luck xx

  • The Bridge to 10 k on here (with Sami Murphy) is the business. I love these podcasts. I have run them countless times as they crop up on my playlist. I love the inspirational tracks that she's chosen. The lyrics are perfect, and I always seem to get the right words burbling into my ears as I struggle to reach the top of a hill etc. Lots of the tunes were new to me but I love them now, even music I'd never dreamt I'd like, but are fab to run to

    If you're happy on a run it makes it more fun and the times passes quicker

    These podcasts are over five weeks, which is a bit tough. I got stuck on week 4 so had to keep doing it for a bit til I cracked it and could move on. No matter though. That's fine.

  • Thanks very much misswobble.....how would I go about getting them onto my phone?....I'm a complete technophobe!!

  • If you find out let me know....

  • Hi Curlygurly, it's me again! My husband helped me to get the app on my phone! I googled B210K, then found an entry which mentions the Apple App Store .....with a bit of patience, it's now on my phone (small charge) and I'm good to go! I was thinking of an inaugural run on Sunday, but I hear we're in for snow.....could be a long run or snow run!! Hope you are successful too!

  • Thanks! I'm way too tight to pay for it, and have an android anyway. I'll bear it in mind though, might change my mind later! Let me know how it goes x

  • Certainly will....

  • Thanks Curlygurly....will look into your suggestion!

  • I don't have a snazzy phone. I just downloaded them onto a borrowed mp3 player

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