5K to 10K? Advice please?

Afternoon all!

With a bit of luck I'll be graduating tomorrow - last week was the first time I ran 5K - it took me very nearly 40 minutes mind you (park run). I need you advice fellow runners - is July long enough away to build from 5K to 10K do you think? I've seen a race I quite fancy participating in but am uncertain... Twice the distance... Twice the duration... But then again it's more than 12 weeks of practice away... Is it over-ambitious, do you think?


(PS - just realised- 'fellow runners' - get me!! ;-) )

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  • Sami's B210K podcast goes from 5km to 10km in 5 weeks. This seems to violate the "10% rule" of increasing running distance by no more than 10% per week.

    12 weeks to go from 5km to 10km comfortably would sound fine. Good luck!

  • assuming you do 5k 3 times a week, observing the 10% rule would take you to a long run of 9.97 in 3 weeks, and 14.16 in week 5, in fact.

  • Thanks Rignold - like the sums :-)

  • Thanks MarkyD :-)

  • You can definitely do it even if you have to walk some of it. Just take it slowly and build up gradually doing a longer run once a week. Good luck.

  • Thanks IrishPrincess - excited and nervous - I'm going to register tomorrow! Oo-er! :-)

  • Well my Galloway easy 10K programme goes from zero to 10K in 13 weeks so I reckon 5K to 10K in 12 weeks is very do-able. Go for it !

  • Thanks Henpen - it does sound doable :-) Time for another leap of faith :-D

  • Woo-hoo! Thanks for the advice.... Exciting! :-) :-)

  • Have a go, there is nothing to lose! I graduated in Oct time, and have gradually built up distance. I managed 10k by end Jan/ early Feb .... Got my first 10k 'proper race' on Sunday!!!! Aaaaaggghhhh .... Excited πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š

  • Ooo good luck Caroline!

  • Thanks use it .... Feels like I'm dreaming πŸ˜‰

  • Good luck tomorrow, Caroline :-D

  • I found this quite helpful


  • Thanks runner56. :-) I'll have a thorough look at that :-)

  • Exciting Caroline! Good luck! Look forward your report :-)

  • Have a look at Jenny Hadfields 10K run/walk programme here . jennyhadfield.com/wp-conten...

    It is 10 weeks and is much gentler than many other beginner 10 k programmes

  • Thanks Bazza - I'll take a look :-)

  • Interesting plan, thanks for posting!

  • Sod the 10k for now, plenty of time to worry about that, what's important now is GOOD LUCK FOR TOMORROW!!

  • Thanks Originaltigger :-)

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