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Hi. Not posted here for ages. Graduated some time ago and recently decided to progress to 10k. I'm doing the Virgin 10k intermediate programme. It's 4 runs a week instead of 3, with a longer run every Sunday.

Anyway... I'm having a torrid time. Feel like I'm regressing. Had 2 really bad runs and am beginning to doubt myself now. Surely if I can do 5k I can do 10?? Anyone else go through a bad patch when increasing from 5 to 10? cheers


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  • Oh yes I did, I listened to all the wise people here and did 3 runs a week and made my long run increase by 1km. This was above the 10% and would not recommend but I was won a tight schedule. The other on the other runs I did the post c25km podcasts and a 5km run. This really worked for me.

  • Not just me then??!! Really seem to be struggling to adjust.

  • Yes but i would also find running 3 times a week hard work. Have you considered cutting back to 3 runs. I tried the B210k but that was too hard for me.

  • Tbh, I have considered binning the 10k altogether. Think I need to just put last run behind me. Thing is, I know I can run for 30 mins. I want to know i can run for an hour!

  • Well i read something long ago that if you can run 5km you can do 10km. I would cut your runs to 3 times a week and stick to 2 short runs 5km and speed , stamina or stepping stones podcast and then just increase one run per week by 10% either distance or time. It will be a challenge but its very doable.

  • It is taking me quite a while too - can run 8K now, but just concentrated on doing the running for longer. I did have some health problems over the summer so thought it was those making it slow progress. I used the B210K but not religiously as sometimes didn't have it in me so just did a 3k or 5k run. But I can run for over an hour now - slow & steady like with C25K. I also seemed to plateau for ages.

    Keep with it but don't worry how far you are running at this stage, just build up like on C25K.

    good luck

  • It all depends on what you mean by "regressing"??? I feel that I am running slower than I did during C25K -- I guess that during C25K, I used to get out there and jusr run to finish the task at hand - get it over with!! These days, I am doing a lot of experimenting with my running - I proved to myself that I could run 10K non-stop -- but it seemed that I didn't enjoy it as much as run/walk and was actually slower pace. Lately I have been experiementing with hreat rate monitors and have been surprised at how high my HR has been when running - running now at an "easier" pace and HR means my times are much slower.

    But - who cares really -- I just want to get fit and enjoy myself.

  • exactly! well said Bazza!

  • Agreed. Needs to be enjoyable. Thanks

  • I agree with Bazza, it depends on your outlook. I'm as slow as cold treacle somedays, but that's OK! I feel that I really needed some time of consolidation after the 5k, and I hit so bad times but you know what? This is supposed to be about enjoying yourself so make sure you do! I did a 9 mile the other day, we made it an adventure, ran to another town using the cycle path and returned home via the coast path. Now we walked most of the coast path as it was really rough underfoot and very steep but we ran where we could and laughed and breathed and took joy in the fact that we could! I learned a lesson from that run :0)

  • That sounds like my kind of running!!! :-- but who was "we" ???

  • Not the royal we! My daft friend and myself! We were like a pair of giggling gnomes at one point and a passer by told us that "running is not a laughing matter"!

  • Hi Pricey! Good to hear you are still running, that's the best thing. :-) 5-10K is certainly do-able and I found it tough but got there by adding a bit on to one run a week and slowing right down. I wouldn't have been able to do it at my 5k pace- and that's not fast! I only ran 3 times a week whilst building up to it too and I even had a little walk break at times and the walks got shorter and the runs got longer until it was all running. Do I recall you were running on a treadmill? I think I would find that even harder, at least getting out you get some changing scenery to take your mind off it! But, I think it is a lot of mind over matter, you can do it- just add a few minutes on and slow down. Good luck with it and keep us posted, chin up! x :-D

  • Thanks. Yes that was a treadmill run, but 99% of my runs are out on the road. Maybe I'm pushing too much at mo and certainly was trying to run 5k pace all through the longer runs. Maybe just slow down and think distance, not time. Thankyou

  • I would cut it down to 3 runs a week. I never run more than that and my pb for a 10k is 49:02. I need a days rest between runs. My body does not like 2 consecutive days of running :)

  • That is a fast 10K !!! -- I could only dream of that!! :)

    My running week now has 8 days in it - so I run 4 times per running week, ie every second day!! Who says a running week had to have 7 days??? :) And besides - I am retired and have forgotten the days of the week anyway!!

  • hahaha! I have to fit in with two boys and hubby's golf! So its usually Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for me :D

  • I dont think mine does either!! Thanks... And that's a great time for a 10k!

  • My last three runs have left me feeling very negative - I run three times a week, 2 approx. 5 k runs and my park run (which I turn into a long run at the weekend) have nearly stretched to 10k now. I haven't done a 10k yet but plan to do the Lincoln 10k in Spring next year (my in-laws live there). I am hating my running at the moment but I won't give up and neither will you. Onwards and upwards and all that!

  • You're right. We wont give up! Thanks

  • I just tended to run for longer time wise and slowly crept up to 10K. Tried the B210k but found it difficult to listen to (music loud talking quiet and could not hear what was going on). I also did not like to go back to walking again, as knew from C25K that I could run for 30 mins + so did not see the benefit in walking every 10 mins.

    It is achievable so please do not give up.

  • I started a bridge to 10k programme to and found it helpful to a point. I followed 3x a week for 2 weeks then got fed up of walking intervals.

    I tried to do one 5k a week and one longer run. And one interval run so doing three altogether. With my longer run I did it by increasing my time rather then worrying about distance and tried to work at a consistent effort level. However due to various reasons I found it hard to get out on evening and several weeks went by and I was only managing one run a week and I'd not progressed beyond 7k distance and I had only a month to go till my 10k race. I tried to get my confidence back by doing several 30 min and 40 min runs at an easy or moderate effort level then I week before the race I ran extra laps at parkrun. I Celt much better once I realised I could do it. Provided you go steady and try to stick to a pace you could keep up a conversation at you will be fine if you increase distance. I know 7 to 10 is more of a jump than the 10% recommended but I didn't go very steady. I've actually preferred running the 10 as I find it takes me 20min to get into a pace anyway. Good luck

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