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So I finished c25k 6 weeks ago, I've been running parkruns since then. At the start of the summer I signed up for an adventure race that involves 10k of running. Time has ran away on me and now I have 6 weeks to go.

I've been following a c210k app and it's tougher but I've really began enjoying it.

Now I have a choice;

Do I run with a local jog club twice a week on a prog to improve 5k times and just hope that a longer run at the weekend prepares me for 10k or

Do I continue on my 10k training prog on my own?

Any experience on moving from 5 to 10k would be great to hear?

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  • Personally, I'd do it yourself. I think the transition to 10K is another mostly mental one. I did my first 10k run a week after graduating from C25K. I hadn't intended to, I'd identified a 10k training programme, and it called for a slow 8k jog. I tried to find a nice easy, comfortable pace to run at, and found it. After a while it fellt like I could just keep on going. A bit after 5k I realised I was going to easily do the 8k, and as I approached 8k, I still felt good so decided to carry on, and got to 10k, much to my amazement. This was that run - connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

    I'd say just listen to your body, and see what you can do. DON'T overdo it; I'm not advising you to push yourself beyond what you're capable of, but also don't be overcautious.

  • Thanks, appreciate that advice. I'm at the stage where I still don't believe I can do 10k but I felt like that about 5k too😁

  • similar to steve_l

    I was running on holiday in Lanzarote and the beach path was just about 10k - end to end and back. One day I realised I was enjoying the run and didn't want to stop so carried on. I did 8k that day. A week later I did the same run, but persevered to finish the whole thing and completed the 10k.

    Once you know you can do it, it's just a matter of doing one long run each week, so you really know you can do it and it wasn't a fluke.

    If you are in for a race, just being able to do 10k might not be enough. After Lanzarote I could do 10k if everything was in my favour. To be confident in a race you should try to get to the stage when you can do 10k on a bad day (if it rains, or you're hung over, or you just had a cold, or ... something) which is a bit harder. I think I can do 5k on a bad day, but not so sure about 10k just yet.

    so I'd suggest first option, local club + long run at the weekend. I'd suggest 6.5k, 8k, 10k, then the rest doing 10k. run slow enough to get the "I can run forever" feeling and you've cracked it.

  • Great advice, I've just signed up for a 10k in November and will follow your advice I think.

    Am thinking of going on holidays to Lanzarote in September. Where do you go? Holidays with good flat running options are always good :)

  • we went to playa blanca. But it looks like a lot of the coastal towns there have a good coastal path. The one I ran on went from the local town to the lighthouse at the end of civilisation, 10k or thereabouts - paved, fairly flat, well used but not crowded - perfect. I plotted it all out on google maps and mapmyrun. Lanzarote seems quite good for running.

  • Sounds great :) was it a nice holiday spot? We like nice restaurants and not too touristy and build up.

  • hmmm. It was our first all inclusive, so no restaurants (the food in the hotel was quite good though). we were out of season so It was a bit geriatric for us to be honest, maybe Puerto Carmen might suit you better?

  • When you say adventure - what is involved? Is it an obstacle race? If so, you need to train for the obstacles too. I think if you google 'virtual muddy' it brings up an exercise to do after each k to simulate a 10k obstacle race. Six weeks should be plenty to increase your distance steadily. Good luck. Hope you enjoy it. Let us know how you get on :)

  • It's 10k running on flat roads followed by cycling and then kayaking. Not so worried about the cycling or kayaking but the running is freaking me out😀

  • That does sound an adventure. Like an alternative Triathlon :) Good luck. .. If you put the planning / training in now there should be nothing to freak you out :)

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