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Week 4 Run 1


They really mean it when they say things are going to get more difficult, don't they? Just listening to the schedule of the run got me panicking.

Just about managed the first 3min run. Then the first 5min was killer. I felt awful afterwards. I had to actually take probably another 90secs on top of the recovery time because I felt so nauseous. I swear those recovery times are a sham! But onwards I struggled and made it to the end of the first session. "Relieved" doesn't even come close to how I felt! Blimey.

My legs felt like lead the entire time. I think the best part of a month of working the late shift has caught up with me. I was meant to run yesterday, but didn't because the weather was so horrific and I couldn't actually get out of bed. I was so tired I nearly missed work (and I'm on a 3.45PM start at the mo!). But I got myself up and out today, filled with a little smidge of enthusiasm.

I am dreading run 2!

Oh, I must take the time to apologise to Laura. I told her to "Go away" in some very unpleasant ways today, when all she was trying to be was helpful. I can't promise anything behaviour-wise for our next outing though, I'm afraid, Laura.

It did make me feel good when you told me I'd run for 16 whole minutes today, though. So for that, thank you.

And is it just my tastes, or has the music suddenly taken a huge nosedive?

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IMO the music isn't great, in fact it put my wife off doing the podcast. But it's free.

Keep with the programme and it will gradually get easier, if you need a longer break now and again take it, or repeat runs and weeks if you don't think you are ready to move on.


Hi, I am on w3 r3 tomorrow and I'm DREADING week 4!!! So glad it's not just me that saw the plan and paniced! I can't imagine pushing it past 3 mins at the moment as that seems pretty much my limit! Hope run 2 goes better for you. I had a bad w2 r1, but it made me run the following one better.

Music-wise, I thought week 1 was ok, but it seems to get progressively worse. I guess it's more about the speed of the music to get you into a rhythm. It must have all been chosen for a reason though I would guess?


I just finished week 4 and can't believe I did it! YOU GUYS WILL TOO! Just go slow...your not winning a race, you are just trying to get through each session. I STILL find the 3 minutes grueling, so I can't really believe I made it through the 5 minute sessions! Each week is a challenge, but I am keeping the faith of what others say here on the board: we can do it and it will get better. Good luck!


Just remember to start slowly and build up your speed if you feel able to. I also found that the more relaxed I was the easier it was. Well done all of you for getting as far as you have, you can do this and the feeling of achievement will cancel all those little doubts you may be having just now. Good luck to you all. :)


Every week brings new challenges, but you can do them. Just slow down and keep going. It's very hard to run when you are tired, so two days' rest is a good idea.if you need. I run three times a week and then take weekends off. Keep your walks brisk and then make your run just a little faster than the walk. The walks are important for building stamina too. Well done for not giving up. Now celebrate :)


Oh no, I'm a bit nervous now I'm half way through week 3 bit scared of week 4 now and they say week 5 is hard too :-| good luck hope the rest of the week (and the plan) goes well


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