Week 7 run 1, wow!

Well I'd read here that lots of people struggle with this run so I decided to do it a bit different - got a new route. Took the car to a park with a track that's about 4km around a reservoir. Think I was going a bit faster, there were slight inclines and a wee hill, a bit different from my normal completely flat route. Really enjoyed the run. Laura told me when I'd reached 12.5 minutes and I was feeling fine, I ran and ran and ran, thinking to my self, "Laura has not said there are 5 minutes left, she must be going to surprise me by saying there are only two minutes!" I was almost round to the start and was feeling pretty exhauted, then Laura's voice said "5 minutes to go". What? I thought I was near the end! So I gritted my teeth and got on with it. My asthmatic breathing was going a bit wonky with a kind of whooping breathing but I made it to the end! woo hoo!

Got my annual asthma check coming up so will hopefully get some advice from the nurse. But saying that, my breathing is 100 times better than week one when I struggled through one minute.

I've done it twice now, so i can run for 25 minutes :) woo hoo!


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8 Replies

  • That's brilliant, well done. :) It sounds like you found a lovely place to run too. You've inspired me to have a look around for somewhere new to run, as I don't have much choice going from my front door. Unfortunately, living in a 'rural' county the powers that be don't seem to think we need things like parks, and most country paths are too muddy and too steep for me just now. ;)

  • The strange thing was as I started to listen to the podcast Laura suggests finding a new route, I hadn't listened to the podcast before! Good luck with finding somewhere new. Will go back to the normal one during the week but i think at weekends I may go looking for more new places :)

  • Well done :) Only long runs left now. Happy running :)

  • Thanks Happierswimming, your name inspired me to get back in the pool, have been a couple of times in the last two weeks, was surprised how running has helped my breathing in the pool :) I'm not a great swimmer, only learned how to swim properly 4 years ago but got ill and gave up, glad to be back. Must charge up my MP3 aquabeat, wonder if Laura would do a swimming podcast!?

  • Glad you had a great run, I struggled a bit today with W7R1, but forced myself to finish. I used my own music and I think I didn't pace it properly. So I've sorted out a better playlist, so here's hoping R2 goes better on Tuesday

  • I'm still listening to the C25k music, it's getting worse, it started off quite positive music but I'm not that keen on some of it now. Maybe I will get more organised and get my own. I'd need to check the BMP as I would end up trying to run in time with whatever is playing. I have R2 on Wednesday, after a day at work, I always find that much harder.

    Good luck with your new playlist :)

  • I completed Wk7R1 yesterday too and found it hard but not too hard and I seem to be recovering way faster than after the last 25min run in Wk6 so I'm really happy with that. However, I must agree with @ellerunner that the music is definitely getting worse! I can't do without Laura though so I have to suffer through it.

  • Oh gosh, I've just struggled with this one too (& thought it was just me) I had the same route, the same play-list but I was struggling & slower much more than Wk6 R3 for whatever reason - felt quite disappointed with myself. Good on you for finishing it ellerunner (especially with your asthma), I might try a new route myself & see if that helps any.

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