Couch to 5K

Week 6 Run 1

That was bloody hard.

I think I probably set off too fast on the first 5 but eventually got into a steady pace and was feeling fine just as Laura told me the time was up.

The walk came at the wrong time but Laura is the boss so I did as instructed. I set off on the 8 minute run and have to say I found it to be the most difficult run of the entire course so far. I really struggled.

The last 5 minute run was at the slowest pace that I think I have run. This on the anniversary of Roger Bannisters sub 4 minute mile.

Anyhoo. Run done. Run 2 awaits. I hope it goes easier than today.

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That one is really hard. On paper it looks much easier than W5R3 but a lot of people relly struggle with it, me included. It DOES get better !!


Thanks for the reassurance henpen. I have no idea why that run is so hard, but it knocked my confidence a bit. I will keep an open mind about W6R2, and hopefully runner 56 and all the rest of us will power on through :)


You too treemouse. Best thing I can say about today is its over with. :-(


Week 6 is a tricky one after the euphoria of week run 3. You just have to trust Laura and stick at it. You're doing great!

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Thanks Ullyrunner. As they say, any run is better than none. :-)


Week 6, for some reason none of us seem to be able to fathom, is a very tough week. The only way to deal with it it to treat it with respect, slow right down and keep things very steady. I usually advise people after week 5 to be aware of week 6. Anyway, it seems you have managed to get the first run out of the way. Good luck with run 2 and very best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo. You did warn me!!

Its really hard to fathom given what comes before. All distances that I have done.

Strange :O

I suppose the designer knew what he/she was doing and its all aimed at that 30 minute run.


The designer (or person who wrote the original programme) is a young amateur runner by the name of Josh Clark. If you google C25K and click on the 'cool runnings' website there is quite a bit about him. The advantage of the NHS version is that we get built in music if we want it and the encouragement from Laura - plus of course, this forum which is invaluable. Cheers.


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