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Week 5 Run 3 - done it

I felt really nervous today at the thought of running for 20 mins, worse than I've felt for any other run as it seems such a big step up in time. Anyway, I thought I'd just go for it and see how it went and once I got past the first few minutes and settled down, it was OK. Well the last 2 minutes weren't easy but I got through it to the end.

Now I feel a great sense of achievement, from nothing to 20 minutes in 5 weeks is almost unbelievable.

If you're facing this run and fear it being a big challenge, you can do it. The challenge is 90% mental because as Laura says you've done all the hard work getting to this stage. Hope that helps :)

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That's great , well done . I've got run 2 tomorrow of wk 5 so it will be me soon , I'm nervous about running 8 min never mind 20 ! . I've had a extra rest day as when I did r1 weds my ankle & knee where playing up , not had prob since so doing r2 tomorrow . Very well done , bet you glad that's over .


Thanks Rockette, I'm sure you'll be fine but I hope your ankle and knee hold up - just take it steady, it's about running for the time, not about how far or how fast. I always run outside and focus on what's going on around me to take my mind off the time.


Thanks Andy 57 , when I've done work , I'm off on the first 8min run . Yes I'm taking the advice & will go steady . I am worried about the knee & ankle , but a physio at work as told me to do some stretches pre run as I haven't been doing , only after . Can't wait to get on whith it .


Oh wow; well done you! That 20 minute run looms for me too and yes, I've been getting worked up about it. Your post has really helped! Congratulations on your huge achievement and thank you!


Thanks Jenwrenarm, all I can say is just keep going, it's not about how far or how fast. Find something to take your mind off the time if you can, although I've driven around here for years, I see so much more when running - probably because I'm going so slowly!

Good luck with your run


Thanks for your post! I had w5r3 this morning.

Worst bit was getting out of the door to start. I *knew* it was psychological, but didn't stop me faffing for ages to find my favourite socks and make sure my hat was on just perfectly, etc.

First 5 mins were tough: lots of little aches and pains as usual (though I do dynamic warmup every time).

Next 5 mins: slightly panicked until I realised I had run for longer than before, so it was already a win. Aches and pains faded.

10-15 mins: I think it was here that the music got to the "stand up" song. Also, endorphins kicked in. I remembered what it was like to be able to run and actually felt good.

Last 5 mins: I actually swore at Laura when she suggested slowing down, and I speeded up. I had crawled along a 8 mins per km for first 15 mins just to give me the best chance of succeeding, but speeded up incrementally towards the end and did a few mins at 6 mins per km. It felt OK, but probably not sustainable yet.

OH and there was a heron right there as the finish line marshall.

I have found every run hard so far, and I genuinely thought I'd not be ready for this one, and it was just all the advice on here saying to take it easy and that the hard work was done in the previous weeks gave me the confidence to try it.

Right - mental barrier broken today, now just a few more weeks of steady sensible training.


We'll done and thanks for the great post, that's so similar to the way it was for me and I laughed when you said you swore at Laura as I did the same, although I could only keep going, not speed up!

I've felt good today and although I won't run again until Monday, I'm already looking forward to it.


Next run not until Thursday for me (football match and training in between and I know I need the rest days), but yes, I am looking forward to it too!


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