Week 3 Run 1 - Easier than Anticipated!

I wasn't looking forward to this week, I even put it off yesterday as I didn't feel like a 3 minute run was within me yet. I'd even misunderstood the order of walks and runs so it was a good job I have the app or I'd have done 90sec run/90 sec walk x2 and THEN 3 mins run/3mins walk x 2.

But I did it the apps way obviously (rather than just reading from paper) and I was quite surprised with myself. I found the first 90 second run a breeze, and I even got through the first 3 minute run with relative ease. I was sweating a bit by the end of the second 3 minute run but I had extra in me and decided to do 3 minutes walking and an EXTRA 3minutes running.

When you consider my anxiety had started to gnaw away at me about whether I was fit enough for the 3 minute aspect, I pushed past the anxiousness and went at it with a 'anything is better than nothing' attitude and surpassed my expectations by completing the extra 3 minute run.

The moral of the story is, if you're looking at the program on paper and feel daunted... DON'T BE. You'll be surprised at yourself. I felt a bit too jaded to do it yesterday after 2 days rest so I took the extra days recovery and it's made the difference. Also, don't think of it as 3 minutes, think of it as one average song length :)

(TIP: Don't have more than 3 days between weeks, 2 is best, 3 if you're really tired)

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9 Replies

  • Hi Hazyjay.

    Well done! I too have just completed W3R1, although not with your same ease. :P

  • Just doing it is enough :) I think I went at it with extra 'grit' because I anticipated it being harder than it was.

  • Well done

  • Well, you are just beginning to see improved fitness creeping up on you....Well done. You can do it.

  • :)

  • Totally agree... I did run 2 of week 3 and I couldn't quite believe it. The best advice on the podcast was if you were running one side of a hedge the person the other side shouldn't be able to tell if you're running or walking. I know that I'm really 'shuffling' not jogging but it made it possible, even if it wasn't at all stylish. My usual run leader was back this week too for my second run and she has such a lovely way about her that I feel so much more positive. Run 3 tomorrow evening in the forecast pouring rain so that should be interesting! Let's keep going and see what happens.. it's an great 'journey'!

  • I liked that advice too. I now know why some joggers look like they're speedwalking :)

  • Well done.... See it does work!

  • I am quite tired after tonights run though to be fair :)

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